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What Spice Goes with Broccoli Soup?

Broccoli soup in a white bowl.

One of my most-liked foods to eat is broccoli soup. You can make a comforting, creamy soup with all the works or make a delicious healthy bowl of hearty broccoli soup. The options are endless.

The tricky part is getting your seasoning right and figuring out what spice goes best with broccoli soup.

Salt and pepper are basic spices to add taste to broccoli soup. Garlic, onion, and ginger powder provide flavor. Celery salt, herbs like Italian seasoning, thyme, and basil add aroma and profile to broccoli soups.

Nutritional yeast is a fantastic way to add umami to broccoli soups.

When adding spices to broccoli soup, you have to know which seasonings go with what type of soups. Some will complement the broccoli, while others may mess with the final result. Let us look at broccoli soup recipes and what spices work with them.

Garlic Powder In Broccoli Soup

Garlic powder on white background.

Garlic powder adds a similar flavor as fresh garlic, without the caramel profile of sautéing actual cloves. It is slightly milder than fresh garlic with a slight sweetness and an excellent way to get the hint of garlic in your soup if you don’t have or don’t want the cloves. It works well for a subtle flavor, and if you want a more garlicky taste, you can add both. Garlic powder balances out the grassiness of broccoli.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to make with garlic powder:

Onion Powder In Broccoli Soup

A bowl of onion powder with fresh onions on the side.

Onion powder works similarly to garlic powder by adding flavor and balancing out the grassiness of garlic. If you don’t want whole onions, you can replace them with the powder and still attain the sweet and savory profile from fresh onions, without the strength and bitterness whole onions may provide.

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Here are some broccoli soup recipes to make with onion powder:

Celery Salt In Broccoli Soup

Ground celery salt on a white bowl.

You can use celery salt instead of regular table salt in your broccoli soup. The celery salt provides the same saltiness as common salt but with a hint of celery flavor, along with a slightly peppery, green grassy taste that improves the flavor profile of broccoli.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to make with celery salt:

Ginger Powder In Broccoli Soup

Ginger powder on rustic background.

Ground ginger has a sweet, savory, and spicy flavor that adds a reminiscent taste of fresh ginger. Some people find whole ginger to be too strong. The ginger powder replaces fresh ginger and gives broccoli soup depth with health benefits.

When adding ground ginger to broccoli soup, you can use turmeric to complement it further.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to make with ginger powder:

Turmeric In Broccoli Soup

Turmeric powder, portrait shot.

Turmeric has a bitter, savory, musky, and peppery taste which goes exceptionally well with broccoli soup. It also adds beautiful yellow color to your broccoli soup, making it look like you have added cheese. It is perfect for those cheesy broccoli soup recipes and works well with ginger powder as they complement each other.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to try with paprika:

Italian Seasoning With Broccoli Soup

A wooden spoon full of Italian seasoning.

Italian seasoning is one of the best herbs you can use in broccoli soup. It has an earthy undertone and subtle sweetness. It gives your broccoli soup a sweet and savory flavor with a touch of pepper and sometimes a little garlic.

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The herb complements green veggies provides a beautiful aroma.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to try with Italian seasoning:

Paprika In Broccoli Soup

A wooden bowl of paprika powder.

Many people think paprika is mainly for color and doesn’t taste like anything. Paprika gives your broccoli soup a mild spicey, peppery flavor and has a sweetness that works well with vegetables like broccoli. You want to avoid using smoked paprika because it will alter the taste of your soup – unless that is what you enjoy.

Dried Basil In Broccoli Soup

Dried basil herb with fresh basil leaves on the background.

Dried basil is a fan favorite. It works exceptionally well in almost any meal, with any ingredient. It gives a very close flavor to fresh basil with its hint of mint and anise.

It offers layers of tasty additions to your broccoli soup, and the taste is long-lasting. You can use it in the cooking process or sprinkle some over your soup when serving.

Thyme In Broccoli Seasoning

Chopped dried thyme on wood background.

Thyme is a common herb to use in soup recipes. It works exceptionally well with broccoli because of its similar flavor profile that significantly improves the taste of your broccoli soup. It provides a pronounced herb flavor with wood and floral undertones.

It also gives your broccoli soup an incredible aroma.

You can use a lemon thyme seasoning for an extra citrus acidity kick which typically goes well in most soups. The lemon flavor balances out the grassiness of broccoli.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to try with thyme:

Nutritional Yeast With Broccoli Soup

A bowl and a spoonful of nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is a famous favorite amongst vegans who use it to replace the flavor of cheese in foods. It has an umami profile meaning it adds a taste of sweet, sour, salty, and bitterness to your broccoli soups. It provides layers of flavor to plan grassy broccoli and adds a delicious subtle cheesiness to broccoli cheese soups.

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Here are some broccoli soup recipes to try with nutritional yeast:

Nutmeg For Broccoli Soup

Nutmeg on dark background.

You may think nutmeg sounds like an odd spice for broccoli soup, but you will be surprised a the amount of flavor a pinch of nutmeg can provide to your broccoli soup. Nutmeg has a savory, nutty flavor and is mainly used in creamy broccoli soup recipes that require a white sauce. You don’t want to add more than a recipe calls for because it can turn your soup bitter.

Here are some broccoli soup recipes to try with nutmeg: