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What Fruit Goes With Strawberries In A Smoothie

Ripe strawberries.

Smoothies are a treasure trove of different food combinations. Regardless of the base (even if you prefer dairy), you will find a lot of fruits that go with strawberries in a smoothie. And the combination here is more than just about an amazing taste. Combining different fruits (and vegetables) together in smoothies can also be quite healthy if you don’t overdo it with other ingredients.

There are several fruits that go well with strawberries in a smoothie. Some of the most common ones are:

Banana-Strawberry Smoothies: Banana is usually the first choice when you are trying to pair a berry (it’s not limited to strawberries) or even cherries with another fruit in a smoothie. Bananas pair well with a lot of fruits, and strawberries are no exception. It might just be the blend-able sweetness of the fruit and the consistency it offers. The color contrast also leans in favor of strawberries as they get to dominate (aesthetically). For strawberries, you can go with both frozen and fresh though frozen are more common. Bananas are mostly used fresh, but since they are available almost every time of the year, though you can use frozen slices if needs be. Both bananas and strawberries can be used for garnishing, though the berry is a more popular choice.

Three banana-strawberry smoothies you might want to try are:

Cherry-Strawberry Smoothies: Cherries and berries don’t just rhyme; they mix well in a smoothie as well, especially strawberries and cherries. Both share the color scheme and have a hint of sourness, though sweetness dominates if both strawberries and cherries are fully ripe (And the right species). Cherry strawberries smoothies are usually deep red/pink in color, and the consistency is affected by the seed from the strawberries (cherries are pitted). You can add other fruits in the mix to give the flavor more richness, like oranges, bananas, or use chia seeds for garnishing, to give the smoothie a unique taste “kick.”

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Cherry-strawberry smoothies that should definitely give a try are:

Coconut-Strawberry Smoothies: Coconut is another popular smoothie fruit and pairs quite well with strawberries in this particular setting. The reason is mostly the coconut’s subtle flavor, which is only slightly sweet and a bit nutty. However, it adds a lot to the consistency of the smoothie. You can also use coconut milk or coconut water in smoothies that also incorporate strawberries. In fact, most coconut-strawberry smoothie recipes you will find take advantage of coconut milk rather than the fruit itself.

Three coconuts (or technically, coconut milk) and strawberries smoothies that you can enjoy are:

Strawberry-Berry Smoothies (Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry): Almost all the most common consumer berries go well with strawberries, especially in a smoothie. You can make a fun Strawberry-blueberry smoothie, a sweet strawberry-blackberry smoothie, or a more aesthetically pleasing strawberry-raspberry smoothie. You can go either way (fresh or frozen) when it comes to strawberries for the smoothie, but for the other berry, it’s a good idea to go with fresh ones, but you can use other berries frozen as well, which is a good thing since it allows you to enjoy these refreshing smoothies all year round.

There are several different ways and combinations when it comes to strawberries combined with different berries in a smoothie and many other fruits (primarily a banana) that you can throw in the blender with the berries.

Some strawberry-other berry smoothies you should consider are:

Strawberry-Apple Smoothies: Another healthy fruit choice is apple. An apple strawberry smoothie can bring out the freshness and juiciness that both fruits have to offer, with a tinge of healthy iron and sweetness (unless you are planning to curb it completely with other ingredients) to present a bold flavor. If you are not keen on using milk, you can make these smoothies with yogurt as well, and in order to add to the taste and the national offering of the smoothie, you can also include other fruits like pears and bananas. Strawberry is usually the choice garnishing out of the two fruits.

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Three strawberry-apple smoothie recipes you should give a try are:

Strawberry-Mango Smoothie: If you are looking for a relatively heavy-flesh fruit to compliment the sour-sweetness combo that strawberries offer, a strawberry mango smoothie might be up your ally. The taste and color blend is quite unique, and you can give the combination a serious nutritional kick by adding ingredients like carrots and lemon into the blender. Yogurt is usually the base of choice, and it gives the smoothie a thick and densely tasteful consistency.

Three strawberry-mango smoothies should consider trying are:

There are several other fruits you might consider blending in with strawberries into a delicious smoothie.

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