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What Fruit Goes With Cherries In A Smoothie

A cherry smoothie with fresh cherries on the side.

When it comes to fruit combinations, smoothies are perhaps one of the most inclusive classes of “dishes” (technically drinks). They allow you to mix a wide variety of fruits with one another, and cherries are no exception.

And if you are looking for fruits that go along “swimmingly” with cherries, you will have a decent-sized pool to choose from.

Banana: Cherry banana smoothies are quite common. You can use a wide variety of kinds of milk to make banana-cherry smoothies (which is good if you have an aversion to dairy milk). For cherries, you can go with both fresh and frozen ones, although the same concession cannot be awarded to bananas. The riper the banana is, the sweeter it is likely to be, so keep that in mind when balancing the sugar content of a banana-cherry smoothie.

Some examples are:

Strawberry: Strawberry pairs well with cherries when it comes to smoothies. The combination yields a beautiful color, and often another fruit (or multiple other fruits) are part of the smoothie as well, and the chief contender is usually a banana. However, it’s not a good combination if you don’t like your smoothies “seedy” because that’s what strawberries bring to the smoothie, along with their beautiful color and fruity, tangy taste.

Some examples of smoothies where strawberries go well with cherries are:

Dates: If you are looking for a smoothie that balances the tartness of cherry with something other than sugar or a banana, then a date is another great fruit that goes with cherries in a smoothie. However, most cherry date smoothies will have another fruit as part of the mix, and the most obvious (and common) choice is a banana. Although, if you are worried about the calorie count of your smoothies, the date and cherry smoothie is a combination you should choose wisely.

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An example would be:

Avocado: All fruits are considered healthy, at least when taken in moderation and compared to the junk food so many people are fond of, but Avocado has its own place even among the “healthiest” of fruits. And if you wish to complement their taste and nutritional “benefits” with cherries, a smoothie that combines the two can be an amazing way. You can use a frozen avocado for this smoothie, so it’s something you can prepare way after the avocado season is over (if you don’t get them all year round).

Two examples where avocados go well with cherries in a smoothie are:

Coconut: Coconut goes amazingly well with cherries in a smoothie, and that’s because it offers three different ways to combine the two in a smoothie. You can make a smoothie with cherries and coconut fruit, coconut milk, and coconut water. All three have different taste and nutritional benefits and can give you access to a wide variety of potential smoothies with cherries. When you are using coconut milk or water to make a smoothie with cherries, you might be able to use a variety of other fruits in the ingredients.

Three example smoothie recipes are:

Grapes: Grapes might not be the top of anyone’s list when making a fruit smoothie with cherries, but it deserves to be on the list at least. Grapes offer a number of refreshing and “zesty” smoothie pairings with cherries, often augmented by other fruits. You can also combine the two in a lemonade-style smoothie, which promises to be an amazing summer drink to beat the heat.

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A few smoothies where grapes go with cherries are:

Pineapple: Cherries and pineapples go very well together directly, i.e., with a cherry placed in the center of a pineapple slice or speared-through alongside cheese. But you will be happy to know that drinkable versions of these combinations are also available. Like most other smoothies on this list, bananas are often a part of smoothies with both pineapples and cherries. Both fruits add a unique blend of sweetness and sourness, which makes the smoothie quite refreshing.

Two pineapple-cherry smoothie recipes are:

Apple: Apple is another great contender if you are looking for a fruit to make a smoothie with, alongside cherries. Even though cherries and apples alone are enough for a great smoothie, adding a decent number of almonds in the smoothie gives it both a nutritional boost and a bit more substantial to the consistency of the smoothie.

Three cherry-apple smoothies you can try at home are:

Final Words

When it comes to cherry smoothies, there are a number of different fruits that can go into the drink. It gives it another tasty spin, but you might consider starting with the ones we’ve shared above. Bananas are the first obvious choice and will be an ingredient in most cherry and some other fruit smoothies.

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