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What Chocolate Goes With Strawberries

Two cupcakes with strawberries on top.

Chocolate-covered strawberries: It’s a dessert snack almost everyone is familiar with. It’s a tasty delight that combines two completely different types of sweetness. But it should also get you wondering if it’s the only way to combine chocolates with strawberries and what chocolates go with strawberries and in what kind of dishes.

Which chocolate goes with strawberries depends primarily on the dish/the setting the two are combined in. The dishes/recipes that get the combination right give you the best of both sweets.

Liquid Chocolate/Chocolate Covered Strawberries: It should be clarified that liquid chocolate isn’t a specific chocolate “type.” Most chocolates can be liquified by melting, and milk chocolates (sometimes dark chocolates) are liquified to make chocolate-covered strawberries. But since it’s the most common way chocolate goes with strawberries, that’s something we thought we should look into first.

One of the great things about chocolate-covered strawberries is that you can use both fresh and frozen strawberries, so you can prepare (and consume) this delightful treat way longer than the strawberry season. You can also consume them without any special preparation, i.e., dipping strawberries in liquid chocolate and eating them right away (you will drip chocolate all over, though).

A few ways to make delicious chocolate-covered strawberries at home are:

There might be relatively few variations in these chocolate-covered strawberry recipes, but if you’ve got the main combination right, small changes can help you prepare a tasteful variety of these treats.

Milk Chocolate With Strawberries: The most common way to combine milk chocolate and strawberries is to prepare chocolate-dipped strawberries, but there are other ways this particular chocolate goes with strawberries as well. There are many chocolate-strawberry desserts that would allow you to use milk chocolate since it’s typically the most common one available. In most chocolate cakes, for example, that use strawberries for toppings, you can use milk chocolate.

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Even if a chocolate recipe that involves strawberries doesn’t specifically call for a specific type of chocolate, you can probably use milk chocolate. But make sure to check that the chocolate’s focus is on the sweetness, and the recipe doesn’t call for the bitterness that’s characteristic of dark chocolates.

A couple of ways milk chocolate goes with strawberries are:

Dark Chocolate With Strawberries: Strawberries are zesty enough to combine with a variety of dark chocolates in a number of delicious recipes. Dark chocolate places a lot of emphasis on the cocoa flavor and the bitterness of the chocolate, and with strawberries, there are numerous ways to use it to your advantage. A decent number of desserts (not just cakes, though they are the most common way to combine the two) allow you to combine dark chocolate with strawberries.

Many of these recipes call for dark chocolate chips rather than chocolate bars or liquid versions of the dark chocolates, but the principle of the combination remains the same:

Three examples are (for semisweet chocolate, a type of dark chocolate):

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White Chocolate With Strawberries:  White chocolate, thanks to the fact that it’s made out of cocoa butter and the taste leans more towards sweet vanilla than relatively bitter chocolatey flavor, offers much more combination with strawberries. There are many different types of desserts in which white chocolate goes well with strawberries in a way that gets the best out of both sweet ingredients. Strawberries are also used in many white-chocolate desserts like mousses, cakes, cupcakes, etc. And you can always go back to the classic chocolate-dipped strawberries with white chocolate. The combination differs slightly from other chocolates because the sweetness is more enhanced.

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A few recipes where white chocolate goes with strawberries are:

Ruby Chocolate With Strawberries: Ruby chocolate complements the strawberries quite beautifully, and the aesthetics extend to the dishes the two ingredients are used to make. Though the color mostly leans more towards ruby chocolate’s subdued pink rather than a strawberry’s bright and refreshing red. You can make a ruby chocolate mousse cake with strawberries, chocolate chunk cookies, strawberry swirl ice cream, and something called a pink hot chocolate bomb which is supposed to be a sweet explosion in your mouth.

The recipes are:

Raw Chocolate With Strawberries: Raw chocolate offers more control over the level of bitterness and “chocolat-iness” you want in your dessert. But most importantly, it allows you to control how sweet you want your dessert to turn out to be. That’s probably the reason why raw chocolate goes with strawberries in so many different dishes.

A few examples are:

Chocolate goes well with strawberries, and as you can see from the variety of pairings, the combination is good for so much more than just strawberry-dipped chocolates.