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What Chocolate Goes With Blueberries

White chocolate and blueberries.

Chocolate goes well with so many fruits and other food items that we would actually be surprised to find food items that chocolate doesn’t work with. But not every chocolate might go well with blueberries. But the opposite is also true: Some chocolates might mix with blueberries in a decent variety of desserts.

Let’s take a look at some chocolates and whether or not blueberries go well with them.

Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is the most commonly used and understood type of chocolate. Its mellow sweetness makes it everyone’s favorite, and its flexibility allows it to be part of a broad spectrum of recipes and dishes. The sweetness of milk chocolate pairs quite well with blueberries, and if you are feeling whimsical, you can literally just start eating the two together. But you can also combine them in a surprising number of recipes, including cupcakes where blueberries are part of the frosting, and milk chocolate goes into making the cake. The two also make a mousse cake (with hazelnut), clusters, and cookies.

There are four milk chocolate and blueberry recipes that you must give a try:

White Chocolate: White chocolate is technically the least chocolate of all chocolates since it doesn’t have any cocoa solids affirming its chocolaty-pedigree. It’s made with cocoa butter, brings a lot to the consistency of certain desserts, and leans more towards sweetness, and has almost none of the chocolatey bitterness. Its rich sweetness, along with some other composition characteristics, allows it to pair well with a lot of fruits in different dessert settings, and blueberry is no exception. The combined sweetness of the two can be almost overpowering unless tampered by other ingredients, but the two go very well together in a number of desserts and other food articles, including muffins, cookies, blondies, and scones.

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Four recipes where white chocolate and blueberries combine in a delicious mix are:

Dark Chocolate: If you love flavor “authenticity,” then you are most likely to be a fan of dark chocolate. It’s one of the most cocoa-heavy types of chocolates and retains a lot of its characteristic bitterness. But that’s rarely an inconvenience. In fact, the bitterness of the dark chocolate often offers a nice compliment to the sweetness of ingredients like blueberries in certain dishes. It also offers a tasteful “backdrop” to enhance a particular sweetness and doesn’t undermine the fruity sweetness of blackberries in recipes like other, relatively sweeter chocolates might do. Dark chocolates go well together with blueberries in a number of recipes, including blueberry clusters, pie, chocolate-covered blueberries, and something called a dark chocolate blueberry bark. The last is basically just dark chocolate pieces topped with a number of things, including blueberries.

The four recipes where the blueberry color and flavor blends well with the richness of dark chocolate are:

Semisweet Chocolate: If you wish to retain some (but not all) of the bitterness of dark chocolate but also wish it to bring more sweetness to the table, semisweet is your best bet. It’s a mellow variant of dark chocolate. And it’s perhaps its flexibility that allows this chocolate to combine with blueberries in a number of ways and in a number of forms (mostly chocolate chips). The most predictable combination is, of course, covering the blueberries with liquid semisweet chocolate. But the two also mix well in cakes, muffins, cheesecake, brownies, and even a smoothie. But in a lot of these recipes, the semisweet chocolate chips were more there to accentuate the dish’s sweetness and be used as garnishes rather than becoming an active ingredient.

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Six semisweet chocolate and blueberry recipes are:

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Raw Chocolate: Raw chocolate is made using unroasted cocoa beans. It’s different from other chocolate for a number of reasons. Dairy milk is usually not used with raw chocolate (good news for vegans), and it’s often sweetened using sugar alternatives. Raw chocolate, despite its slightly less flexible composition, combines with blueberries in a wide variety of dishes. That includes small chocolate love-hearts (vegan), cheesecake, raw blueberry slice bites, and raw chocolate blueberry coconut and walnut clusters. Most of these are refreshments/bite-sized desserts rather than relatively heavier desserts that you can make with blueberries and other chocolates.

Four raw chocolate and blueberry dish examples are:

There are a lot of chocolate and blueberry combinations that you can try. From the purest combination (chocolate-dipped blueberries) where you can actually clash or compliment the two flavor tones directly to more toned down flavor combinations like in cakes and muffins (where other ingredients can subdue the flavor strength of each), there is quite a variety you can try.