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What Are Sweet Cherries Substitutes (Alternatives)?

Sweet cherries

Cherry alternatives (different fruit options)

The key for sweet cherries substitutes is that the fruit flesh is similar in texture.  While on the surface you might default to other berries, they aren’t necessarily the best option.

Many sweet fruits can fill in for sweet cherries. Here are a few good ones:


A plum is a type of fruit that is commonly used in baking, jams, and other assorted desserts. They are most often at their best when they are ripened to a deep, dark purple color.


A middling fruit with a variety of uses, including dessert and snack foods, apricots are generally thought of as being on the sweeter side.


If you’re new to the world of Scandinavian cuisine, lingonberries may seem like a foreign word. But these tart little berries pack a punch! They can be eaten on their own or used in sauces for meat and/or vegetables.


Nectarines are a part of the peach family and they are most similar to peaches in taste and appearance, but nectarines also have a slightly more subtle flavor.

Nectarines can be used as both snacks and desserts.

What are natural cherry substitutes?

Maybe you want to know what you can use in place of natural cherries but are still cherries? You have options. They are:

Dried cherries

If you don’t have dried cherries, then consider dried cherries alternatives.

dried cherries

Frozen cherries

Frozen cherries

Canned/preserved cherries

Preserved cherries

What effect do you want?

Do you want to replicate the cherries’ texture? If so, go with a different, but similar in texture fruit listed above.

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If it’s the flavor you wish to replicate, go with another cherry option such as dried, frozen or preserved.

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