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13 Sausage Varieties

These are multiple sausages cooking on the grill.

You’ve probably heard of sausages, as have most others around you, no matter where you live on the earth. They are long, cylindrical meat items manufactured from a variety of meats, including beef, hog, chicken, veal, and even mutton.

Depending on the location, they are decorated with various spices and served with various sauces and condiments. Sausages are traditionally manufactured with intestinal casings; however, they can also be made with synthetic materials.

The most popular sausages in the world, on the other hand, are those that have lasted the test of time and proven to be delicacy both at home and abroad.

Types of Sausages from Europe

European sausages, such as those from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, are among the most well-known in the world. These sausages are famous for a reason: they’re tasty, versatile, and simple to include in a variety of recipes.

You’ve most likely had your fill of British or German sausages. While these sausages are certainly noteworthy, there are a number of other European sausages that you may not be aware of.

1. Andouille

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Andouille is a spicy smoked sausage that originated in France but is best known in Cajun cuisine as a key ingredient in gumbo and jambalaya. If you want to add a little heat to any recipe that asks for smoked sausage, you can use it instead.

Andouillette may appear overpowering to the inexperienced, especially due to its powerful and unmistakable aroma. However, for those who have grown up with it, the aroma and flavor are both parts of the allure of this French delicacy. Andouille is the most well-known variant of this sausage outside of France’s borders. French settlers brought this type to North America, where they first established in Canada before moving south to Louisiana.

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Andouille is made in the following way: Andouille is precooked because it is smoked, so it can be sliced and eaten cold as a snack or appetizer. Simply slice and add to a dish while cooking with it; for extra taste, toss the Andouille in a hot pan to brown the edges.

2. Bratwurst

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In some circles, this phrase is used as a generic synonym for sausage or even hot dogs. The truth is that it’s a distinct subtype of sausage with its own origins, history, and legacy in modern cooking.

The name “bratwurst” comes from an Old High German phrase that combines the words “brat,” which means finely chopped meat, and “wurst,” which means sausage. It was created hundreds of years ago as a technique to make use of pork components that didn’t seem to have many other uses. Because it was such an effective way to use every portion of the pork, it grew popular and led to the invention of numerous similar types of sausages in Germany.

There’s a solid reason why Germany, rather than the Mediterranean-bordering countries of southern Europe, became a hotspot for sausage production. Food was more plentiful in these regions, and the weather was milder, so there was less of a need to smoke or cure sausage to get through the cold winter months. In Germany, various methods of meat preparation aided in the provision of winter food.

3. Italian sausage

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There are two types of Italian sausage: hot and sweet. Pork is used to make hot sausage, which is seasoned with salt, garlic, anise seed, and red pepper flakes. The pepper flakes aren’t used in sweet sausage, but it’s generally the same. These sausages can be mixed and matched depending on your spice preferences.

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To make Italian sausage, follow these steps: Sausage from Italy can be used in a variety of dishes. Serve sliced, sautéed Italian sausage on top of a pizza, or grill or sauté the Italian sausage like bratwurst and serve on a roll with onions and peppers. Italian sausage can also be served with tomato sauce over pasta, either sliced and sautéed or completely separated from its casing.

4. Chorizo

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The term “Spanish Chorizo” should not be confused with the term “Mexican Chorizo.” Although the two forms of sausage have the same name and are distantly related, they are so dissimilar that they can be regarded as independent kinds of sausages.

After the Spanish began exploring the Americas, they developed Spanish chorizo. While pig, the main component in chorizo, was widely utilized in Spain, as was the tradition of curing meat, one item was absent. This was paprika, a key component of chorizo. Paprika is made from a mix of chili peppers that are exclusively found in the Americas. When people began transporting the peppers back across the Atlantic, they were combined with cured pork, resulting in the creation of Spanish chorizo.

Chorizo from Spain is still popular today, and it comes in a wide range of regional tastes and flavors. It’s still mostly composed of pork, although there are also beef and pork versions.

5. Kielbasa

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“Kielbasa” is the Polish word for sausage, and it can refer to any type of sausage in Poland. In the United States, kielbasa (sometimes known as “Polish sausage”) is a horseshoe-shaped pork country sausage that is usually smoked but can alternatively be partially smoked or unsmoked. You’ll want to heat it, no matter what kind you’re using because it tastes better that way. Partially smoked or unsmoked kielbasa must be fully cooked.

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This sausage is delicious grilled or sautéed and served with your favorite Central European sides, such as boiled potatoes, braised cabbage, or sauerkraut. Kielbasa is also delicious when sliced and served in soup or on bread with mustard.


That’s right; popular sausages may also be found in Asia. You should taste them if you want to be a true sausage enthusiast. On your virtual sausage tour around Asia, you can come across some of the most popular types.

1. Sai Ua

This sort of sausage is primarily from northern Thailand, but its popularity has expanded throughout the country, making it a popular meal throughout the country. Its name is derived from the Thai words “sai,” which means “intestine,” and “ua,” which means “packed.”

Although there are various regional variations of sai ua, minced pork spiced with red curry paste and spices is the most common. It is frequently grilled before serving and served with sticky rice as a starting course or appetizer to a meal. This dish was traditionally prepared and consumed by families at home. However, due to its popularity in modern times, it is now available in stores and restaurants.

2. Longganisa

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You’re not mistaken if you believe this name sounds familiar. It’s likely to remind you of the Longaniza we talked about in Argentina. It’s no surprise that the names of these two types of sausage sound so similar, given they’re both products of Spanish colonization. Despite the fact that the two sausages share the same origin, they evolved in such diverse geographic regions that they have subsequently become completely distinct organisms.

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Longganisa is a simple sausage seasoned with local spices in the Philippines. This means that there are subtle variations of this sausage in every part of the country. Almost all of them are made with pig, beef, or chicken, though tuna can also be used. The majority of longganisa is made with Prague powder, and each type is usually sold fresh rather than smoked. The parallels between them, however, generally cease there.

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Types of Sausages from America

Sausage has long been and continues to be a popular food in the United States. Although many American retailers and restaurants put their own touch on sausages from across the world, there are a few types of sausage that are uniquely American. The following are the most popular types:

1. Cajun Sausage

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Cajun sausage is a smoked pork sausage that takes the French Andouille sausage and gives it an American twist. The Cajun version is cooked with shoulder meat, wine, pepper, garlic, and onions and is generally hotter. Cajun sausage is commonly used in Southern-style meals such as jambalaya. It’s especially popular in Louisiana, where the culture is largely influenced by French ancestors.

2. Fresh Country Sausage

This is a couple of sausages with sliced bread for breakfast.

Because it is frequently served with breakfast, fresh country sausage is also known as breakfast sausage. This meat is a popular sort of pork sausage produced with mild flavors in the United States. Country sausage originated in rural America, as farmers discovered delectable ways to use all parts of a butchered hog. It comes in a variety of forms, all of which are uncooked and must be cooked. Fresh country sausage is available as loose sausage meat, individual links, or longer coils.

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3. Salami

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Salami is a generic category of sausage, is another popular cured sausage in the United States. It refers to fermented, aged sausage in this case. Genoa salami, named after the Italian region where it originated, is one of the most common types of salami in the United States. Wine, pork, and seasonings are used to make this sort of salami. It has a moderate amount of fat, making it softer than hard salami. Cold-cut sandwiches might benefit from the acidic flavor of salami.

4. Pepperoni

These are a bunch of sliced pepperoni pieces.

Pepperoni is a form of salami that is commonly associated with Italy; however, it is actually an American sausage variant. Pepperoni can be made using beef, pig, or a combination of the two. Pepperoni used as a pizza topping in the United States is usually semi-dry or cooked, and sausage manufacturers cut it into thin slices. Pepperoni that is more traditional is dry. Pepperoni that isn’t meant for pizza is usually wider in diameter and, like other forms of salami, can add flavor to a deli sandwich.

5. Bologna

These are pieces of cooked bologna sausages.

Another well-known American sausage is bologna, which is made from finely ground pig, beef, or both. Bologna, Italy, produces this ready-to-eat sausage. In Italy, however, it is known as mortadella and may contain pistachios. Most people in the United States think of bologna as a low-cost, mass-produced lunchmeat, yet it can also be a high-quality, gourmet sausage.

Lebanon bologna, for example, is a semi-dry fermented sausage produced from beef and a special blend of spices. As a snack or on a sandwich, you can enjoy a variety of additional forms of gourmet bologna.

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6. Smoked Sausage

These are a bunch of smoked sausages on display.

Technically, any sausage that is cooked in a smoker qualifies as smoked sausage. However, certain ropes of meat merely labeled “smoked sausage” are likely to be found in American grocery stores and delis. Before being smoked, this mildly seasoned sausage is normally fully cooked. Although some mass-produced versions may use artificial smoke to add taste, traditional smoked sausage variations are still smoked over hardwood. Breakfast dishes, potato dishes, and bean soups all benefit from the addition of smoked sausage slices.