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Your Guide to Queen Anne Cherries

What do queen Anne cherries look like?

They are a mix of yellow and red. Here’s a photo.

Queen Anne Cheries in a bowl

What are queen Anne cherries?

Queen Anne cherries are a type of cherry that were originally cultivated in Britain by the Lady Anne and her gardener, John Rose. The cultivar was introduced to the United States around 1870. Queen Anne cherries are harvested from late July until about October, depending on your location. They’re available from September through January throughout much of the US. The fruit is small with a thin skin that’s often tinted red or yellow to make it more appealing to buyers.

Queen Anne cherries, or tart cherries, are most commonly found in the Northwest United States. They are smaller than their sweet cousins, with a unique flavor profile.

Queen Annes are unique because they have little to no sugar—making them far less sweet than other cherry varietals. This is one of the main reasons they’re popular for cooking with sauces and preserves that otherwise might be too sweet if made with more traditional cherry varieties.

Natural vs. Cordial Queen Anne Cherries – May Be Confusing

There is also a brand of cordial cherries called Queen Anne Cherries which may be confusing.  Check it out:

Box of cordial Queen Anne Cherries

This article focuses on the natural variety.

What are queen anne cherries used for?

Since their introduction in the 18th century, queen anne cherries have become a popular sour cherry variety for both fresh pies and cooking. With an almost black skin and refreshing tart flavor, they are perfect for all types of desserts. They are also famous as the top-most carb on the tree that blooms in winter, making them one of the best fruits to eat during cold weather.

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Where do queen anne cherries grow?

Although they grow in Europe, Asia and North America, their greatest production is in China due to climate conditions that allow them to easily grow on trees without breaking dormancy in wintertime.

Do queen anne cherries have alcohol?

The cordial (in a box) ones may but not the natural kind.

Where can I buy queen Anne cherries?

You can buy the natural variety when in season or when your local grocer stocks it.

The cordial variety is available year-around and is in many grocery chains.

Who are queen Anne cherries named after?

Queen Anne cherries are named after the Queen of England, Anne. Born on November 28th 1709, she came to the throne at age 27 and was known as a friend to many artists and writers. She reigned for 13 years and passed away on 1 August 1714 due to an illness.

The queen first became interested in cherries when she first saw one in her court painter’s picture that he had painted of her.

When are queen Anne cherries in season?

Queen Anne cherries are in season in the months of May, June, and July.

If you’ve ever craved a sweet cherry pie or homemade cherry tart, this might be the answer to your prayers! Queen Anne cherries are in season in the months of May, June, and July. This delicious berry is native to Europe and has been cultivated for over 400 years. You can find them on most menus around these cities during their peak season with some restaurants even featuring them as their signature dessert dish.

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