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27 Lobster Recipes

Lobster with herbs and lemons on a black background.

Lobster is one of the most sought-after delicacies in the world.

Once you have this expensive and opulent crustacean in your kitchen, the last thing you want to do is squander it!

Fresh lobster has an unrivalled and enticing flavor of the sea, but that doesn’t mean leftover lobster dishes aren’t delicious.

Actually, these magnificent concoctions add complimentary tastes and textures to this rich and delicious seafood, giving it a whole new lease of life.

Here are 25 leftover lobster dishes, ranging from rich lobster risotto to a fresh and crisp lobster BLT.

Recipes for Lobster:

Lobster with Chili Sauce:

See the recipe, here

Chef Chris Yeo used to go to eateries in Singapore to eat chili crab, a traditional Singaporean dish of entire crabs in a powerful red chili-garlic sauce. “No one prepared chili crab at home because it was so time consuming,” he explains. He’s tweaked the classic recipe by adding a dash of ketchup to the sauce and replacing the crab with lobster.

Bisque de Lobster

See the recipe, here

For good reason, bisque is one of the most popular seafood soups.

This lobster bisque is quick and simple to make, and it’s overflowing with richness.

To make a thick and tasty soup, combine the leftover lobster with flavor-enhancing essentials like garlic and butter.

To give this meal a five-star vibe, garnish with some mild green chives.

Baked and served warm, this luscious Lobster Artichoke Dip is a fantastic appetizer! This three-cheese combination is blended till creamy, then packed with artichokes and luscious lobster pieces before being baked to perfection!!

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Artichoke Lobster Dip

Roasted lobster artichoke, closed up shot.

See the recipe, here

With this lobster artichoke dip, entertaining has never been simpler.

Combine cream cheese, parmesan, and Romano cheeses with mayonnaise to make the ideal appetizer that will warm and melt your insides.

Serve with chips, crackers, and bread to dip in this delicious brown and bubbling dip. Or, if you’re feeling very generous, a plate containing all three!

Lobster and Potato Chip Rolls Deluxe

See the recipe, here

Chef Jon Shook adds, “Putting potato chips into sandwiches has long been a favorite trick of ours.” Chips atop Tabasco-spiked lobster salad nestled onto buttery toasted buns are served by him and co-chef Vinny Dotolo.

Salad de Lobster

See the recipe, here

On a hot summer evening, a cold and delightful lobster salad is the perfect side or main dish.

The lobster flesh is combined with celery, herbs, and a light lemon and mayo dressing in this zesty salad.

This meal, which takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, is guaranteed to become a summer classic in your home.

Lobster Rolls in Butter with Spicy Sauce

See the recipe, here

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian boils the lobsters before poaching the flesh in butter to produce these opulent lobster rolls. He tops the buns with a spicy mustard mayo to balance off all of the richness.

Risotto de Lobster

Risoto lobster on a long white plate.

See the recipe, here

Lobster is already a god’s meal, but this delicious lobster risotto takes it to the next level.

The secret ingredient, a quarter cup of sherry, gives this risotto a sweet, nutty flavor.

Arborio rice, parmesan cheese, white wine, light cream, honey, cayenne pepper, and paprika are all used in the dish. Up, up, and away!

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Gnudi de Lobster

See the recipe, here

Chef Scott Conant’s beautiful lobster gnudi gets a bouncy twist with vivid green peas and ramp leaves.

Rolls of Lobster (Lobster Salad Rolls)

See the recipe, here

No matter where you reside, you may now enjoy this New England staple!

Celery, shallots, chives, lemon zest, and light mayo are blended with lobster flesh.

You may also replace half or all of the mayo with 100 percent natural Greek yoghurt for an even healthier option.

Pasta with Spicy Lobster

Lobster pasta on a white plate.

See the recipe, here

Is there a better combination than pasta and seafood? It doesn’t seem to be the case!

You may use fettuccini, linguini, or any other long, silky pasta in place of the spaghetti.

As the light tomato-based sauce pours about on the dish, it’s tough not to slurp.

Lobster Dip from New England

See the recipe, here

Culinary Director at Large for Food & Wine Justin Chapple makes a brilliant dip out of the elements of a basic lobster roll. It’s finest served with crispy kettle-cooked potato chips, although toasted brioche hot dog bun slices are also great.

Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster

See the recipe, here

When you thought mac & cheese couldn’t get much better, along comes this recipe!

This lobster version is a hearty comfort dish with a splurge.

Mild cheddar cheese is a terrific addition to mac and cheese since it adds to the appealing orange hue.

You may also add mozzarella to add a layer of creaminess and stringiness to the dish.

Zucchini Blossoms with Lobster Stuffing

See the recipe, here

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For stuffing and frying, delicate zucchini flowers are used. We’ve added a lobster-and-mascarpone filling to this traditional Italian dish, but you can also use lump crabmeat, cooked shrimp, or chopped zucchini in lieu of the lobster.

Cobb Salad with Lobster

See the recipe, here

Try this fresh lobster Cobb salad for a healthy and guilt-free leftover lobster supper.

It has all of the flavors of a conventional Cobb salad, but with the addition of lobster, it’s a terrific and engaging feast.

With this stylish reinvention of a summer staple, you’re sure to dazzle even the pickiest of visitors.

For a Crowd, Steamed Lobster and Corn

See the recipe, here

Keep in mind that lobsters are roughly 30% flesh by weight, so aim for the slightly bigger 1 1/2-pound ones and plan on two lobsters per person over the weekend while cooking this meal. Look for lobsters from Maine that have been caught in a sustainable manner.

Stew with Lobster

See the recipe, here

This lobster stew is the king of comfort food, thanks to the addition of butter, milk, and cream.

This stew may be prepared ahead of time for dinner guests or as a quick evening supper.

All that’s required to finish this meal and gratify every diner is a side serving of crusty bread.

Lasagna with Lobster

See the recipe, here

Although lobster isn’t the most conventional lasagna element, adding seafood completely transforms this Italian classic.

You may shorten the cooking time in half by using pre-made Alfredo sauce and lasagna noodles.

This golden pasta recipe is a cheese lover’s dream, with parmesan, ricotta, cheddar, and mozzarella in the mix.

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Lobster Rolls in the Style of Maine

See the recipe, here

These lobster rolls are known as “knuckle sandwiches” by Culinary & Wine senior food writer Mary-Frances Heck because they include the tastiest, most soft flesh on a lobster: the knuckles (the parts that join the claws to the shell). The cold salad is served on a heated, buttered baguette with a simple mayo dressing. Her advice for addressing the time-consuming task of breaking the shells? It’s much better if you do it with a buddy and a cool drink.

Mashed Potatoes with Lobster

See the recipe, here

The combination of butter and potato is already a winner.

Add lobster for a silky side dish that will have you drooling long after the platter has been cleared.

This is the ideal accompaniment to a well cooked steak, but beware: the side dish may steal the show!

Lobster Tails with Stelline and Lemon on the Grill

See the recipe, here

“The lobster is particularly great over little, pebbly pasta like stelline (star-shaped pasta often served in broths), which gives a delicate contrast that’s exciting to chew and soaks up the buttery juices,” explains cookbook author Paula Disbrowe.

Chowder with Lobster

See the recipe, here

Chowder is a stew-soup hybrid most notably prepared with clams.

However, leftover lobster works well in this spicy Canadian dish.

This lobster chowder is enhanced by the delicate tastes of dried thyme, celery salt, and onion.

There’s also tangy sour cream, light whipped cream, black pepper, potatoes, milk, and butter in there.

Lobster Pan-Roasted with Chive Beurre Blanc

See the recipe, here

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“To keep the beurre blanc hot, put the lobsters on a warmed big dish,” Mary-Frances Heck advises. “I like to start with a layer of hot cooked linguine on the dish before adding the roasted lobsters and lemony sauce. While crusty bread or steaming jasmine rice would be fine accompaniments, the pasta soaks up some of the sauce and serves for a sumptuous second course after the lobsters have been devoured.”

Ravioli with Lobster

Lobster ravioli, closed up shot.

See the recipe, here

Ravioli are delectable tiny pillows of pasta paradise, traditionally cooked with a filling of meat or spinach and ricotta.

With a lobster and butter stuffing, this meal goes from rustic to beautiful.

A sprinkle of saffron in the buttery sauce adds a beautiful yellow color and an earthy, flowery taste to the meal.

BLTs with Lobster on Potato Rolls

See the recipe, here

Tender, sweet lobster flesh is combined with smoky, salty bacon, juicy tomatoes, and pillowy potato buns delicately toasted in bacon drippings in these improved BLTs.

Linguini with Lobster

See the recipe, here

To make a no-fuss lobster linguini, combine leftover lobster flesh with butter and add garlic, basil, lemon juice, and cooked pasta.

Pasta that has been cooked until it is firm but not chewy is known as al dente pasta.

In a kettle of boiling water, it should take between 7 and 12 minutes, and then you’re done!

Seafood Mac and Cheese from Auntie Monica

See the recipe, here

This macaroni and cheese is topped with a creamy variety of cheeses and loaded with fresh shrimp, crab, and lobster. The liquid shrimp-and-crab boil adds an added kick of flavor. The boil seasoning gives the dish a long-cooked taste without overcooking the delicate shellfish. Monica Williams, chef Kia Damon’s aunt and a former drill instructor for the US Marine Corps, provided this dish.

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Nachos de Lobster

See the recipe, here

These delicious lobster nachos are packed with flavor and make for a sizzling entertaining meal.

Don’t be put off by the lengthy ingredient list!

It just takes a few minutes to make the nachos, pico de gallo, and chipotle sour cream.

Warm the lobster separately before combining it with garlic and butter for the ultimate taste combination.

To sum up, the lobster is one of the most valuable and versatile sea-foods that you will find, and we hope that this blog will help you know more about the many ways in which it can be utilized.