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15 Grapefruit Varieties (The Most Common Grapefruit Varieties)

Sliced grapefruit, on top of bananas, peppers on the background.

Grapefruit is a big round-shaped yellow-skinned fruit that has somewhat a half-sweet, half-sour taste. Grapefruits are cultivated widely in a variety of colors, each having its own unique taste and flavor.

The production of grapefruits worldwide is growing every year, with over 9 million tons being produced in 2019. Out of this figure, China was the leading producer with 53% of the total. Some other vast producers of grapefruit were the United States of America, Vietnam, and Mexico.

There are hundreds of different types of grapefruits found around the world; here are a few of them:

Flame Grapefruit

If you cut the flame grapefruit in half, it will reveal a dark pink interior. There are hardly any seeds in this grapefruit; it is juicy and so sweet that you won’t want to stop eating it. They can be easily stored for long periods of time, and as such, you can eat them when they are not in season too.

Lavender Gem Grapefruit

With not a very strong flavor, these grapefruits have pinkish-blue flesh, with a few seeds. They are also called Tangelo and are used to make juices and also in salads.  Lavender Gem Grapefruits are a cross between a Sampson tangelo and some unknown grapefruits.

Duncan Grapefruit

It is really juicy and refreshingly sweet. The Duncan grapefruit is large in size and yellow, with lots of seeds. It was created in Florida and tastes great. A drink of this during the summer will rejuvenate your mind and body.

Marsh Seedless Grapefruit

This particular grapefruit is one of the most popular grapefruits in the market. It looks like a big lemon, and the inside is yellow too. You have the white marsh grapefruit and the pink marsh variety. The latter is yellow from the outside, but the flesh is pink-blueish. It is less sweet and acidic than the white marsh seedless grapefruit.

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Oro Blanco Grapefruit

This grapefruit is a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit. It has thick yellow skin, is almost without any seeds, is juicy and sweet. It does not have a bitter or acidic taste at all. In Spanish, the name Oro Blanco means white gold.

Melogold Grapefruit

Coming from California, this is also a hybrid, just like the Oro Blanco. It tastes like an orange with just a little bit of grapefruit flavor. Being extremely juicy, it is really popular and well-liked by all.

Pomelo Grapefruits

Pomelo grapefruit hanging from a branch.

Often referred to as Chinese grapefruits, this is the fruit that is the source of all other hybrid grapefruits. It is large and has yellow or light green skin. The flesh is mellow and thick, with a firm, almost crispy texture. Some Pomelo varieties have a large number of seeds, and others contain fewer somewhat large seeds. The juice of the Pomelo is delicious, and the rind of the fruit is used to make preserves. These are commonly found in Asian markets and are a significant part of some SouthEast Asian festivals.

Star Ruby Grapefruits

Star Ruby grapefruit variety.

Their shape is slightly flattened and kind of globe-shaped. It has a typical grapefruit taste, which means it is sweet as well as sour.

Pink Grapefruit

Being very sweet and sour, it is one of the most delicious grapefruits. You can directly eat the pink flesh as fruit, or a nice cold juice can be just as tasty. They can be used as a refreshing addition to savory dishes like seafood or in sweet fruity desserts, as well as cocktails!

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Red Grapefruit

It has a very bitter taste even though the flesh is very red. It contains lycopene and beta carotene, which are both beneficial antioxidants.

Thompson Grapefruit

Abundantly found in Texas and Florida, this seedless grapefruit is one of the oldest existing grapefruits in the world. They have been around since the year 1913. It is very similar in taste to the Marsh seedless grapefruit. Other common varieties of grapefruit found in Texas and Florida are Walters, Triumph, Rio Star, Ray, Henderson, and Hudson.

Sweeties Grapefruit

The name itself tells you what this grapefruit tastes like – Yes – sweet! You got it. The flesh is very pale, and the outside skin is green in color. They are similarly sized to the Marsh Seedless, but the green color is easily distinguished.

Sweeties grapefruit can be a very attractive option for people who have a bit of a sweet tooth.

White grapefruit

These white grapefruits are the least sweet of all the grapefruits. They have an intense aroma that fills the room whenever the grapefruit is sliced. The rind is creamy yellow, and the flesh is pale. These grapefruits have many uses, and farmers are keenly growing and cultivating them commercially.

Cocktail grapefruit

These are a little different from our usual yellow grapefruits. The cocktail grapefruits are small and green in color and are full of seeds. This makes it hard to eat, but their juice is really tasty and sweet.

Valentine Pummelo Grapefruit

These have a sweet-tart flavor and are not easy to find. Also called a super special variety, the Valentine Pummelo comes in bright yellow skins with deep red striated flesh.

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In conclusion

Grapefruits come with many benefits to your health. They are a great way to lose and maintain weight along with lowering stress, cholesterol and building strong immunity.

They are good for the heart, and eating the pith of the grapefruit (which is the spongy white part of the fruit) is also recommended as it contains antioxidants, soluble fibers, and vitamins.

Enjoy your favorite, highly nutritious citrus fruit with all its offering of health benefits for breakfast, in salads with lunch or dinner, or simply be more creative, make a combination of juices with other fruits, or even bake a grapefruit yogurt cake.