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35 Fish Recipes

Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce.

Fish is a low-fat, high-omega-3 food that has been shown to promote cognitive performance and keep the heart-healthy. To help you out, we’ve put up our top 11 favorite fish recipes for you to try at home.

Fish Recipes

The Best Fish has a low fat content and a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids help lower blood pressure to keep the heart healthy. Eating fish on a daily basis has been linked to a lower chance of developing a variety of illnesses, including asthma and prostate cancer. Low-fat proteins can be found in white fish such as cod, while omega-3 acids can be found in oily fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel.

If you want to buy fresh fish, don’t follow this advice – See if you can find any with sparkling, clean eyes. It is possible to eat a fish with dry eyes that is safe to eat, although it is unlikely that the fish is still fresh. The smell of a fish must resemble that of fresh water and should not be overpowering. The skin should be luminous and lustrous. To avoid spoilage, the flesh should not be covered in milky liquids.

Your taste buds will be tantalized by our decadent collection of fish recipes:

1. Fried Pomfret

Pomfret seasoned in a medley of spices, then deep-fried to perfection. In addition to being delicious on its own, this salad is an excellent accompaniment to any meal! This pomfret is spiced up with different condiments that make it easy to be prepared at home.

2. Lotus Stems and Fish Curry

This recipe includes different Indian Flavors that show us how to make a genuine fish curry combined with lotus stems.

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3. The Khud Style Baked Basa

The basa fish, roasted in the leaf of a banana, has a flavor of its own. This dish is famous for its Madhya Pradesh origin. It is cooked and seasoned with basa. This delicious and savory fish recipe made with a medley of aromatic spices will surely become your absolute favorite.

4. No-Oil Fish Curry

In a clay pot, fish is marinated in tamarind juice, onions, coconut milk, tomatoes, and different chilies with no oil added. It’s fast and delicious! There isn’t a finer fish recipe when it comes to ease, speed, and the lack of oil.

5. Fish Fingers with Popcorn Crusted

Popcorn adds an additional crunch to the classic fish fingers. A fish finger is wrapped in a breadcrumb popcorn mixture. You can deep fry or bake it in a heated pan.

6. Fish Cutlets

Fish cutlets with thin lemon slices.

A fishy starter for the party! Cutlets of well cooked steamed cod marinated in a flavorful spice mixture and cooked with potatoes are an excellent addition to your food table. To accompany any beverage, you can serve fish cutlets as an appetizer, garnished with your favorite chutney.

7. Ghee Bhaat and Meen Curry

Kerala is considered to be the God’s Own Country. It has a recipe for this dish that tops all the other recipes. Fish is referred to as meen in the southern states. Spiced coconut milk-braised fish fillets with mustard seeds, tamarind and other flavors of the tropics are what makes this dish what it is. Rice flavored with desi ghee is the ideal accompaniment.

8. Steamed fish from Thailand

This is a low-sugar, low-sesame oil dish for those who care about their health. In this recipe, fillets are served with a sauce that is sweet and sour in taste after being steamed in various flavors. You can enjoy yourself without feeling any remorse!

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9. Thai Steamed Fish

Those who enjoy a little kick in their food will appreciate this recipe! Fried king fish seasoned in a hot sauce and served with a side of steamed rice. Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad district is noted for its spicy and aromatic cuisine.

10. Pulao and Hariyali Machli

Various flavors were combined in this dish. A green masala and some brown rice smoked till they are made are combined to make a flavorful and satisfying meal.

11. Fish Duglere

Duglere-style sea bream fish, closed up shot.

A French dish that combines fish fillets with white wine is delicious. Served with a delicious wine sauce and fried fish in a tomato paste with fish stock and different spices. This easy-to-make party food is excellent for any occasion.

12. Malabari Fish

For the seafood enthusiast, Malabari fish originates directly from India’s verdant and lush regions, and this dish is sure to satisfy your craving.

13. Fish Curry with Green Sauce

Delicious and simple to make at home, this dish goes well with a steaming bowl of steamed rice or chapatis.

14. Creamy Dill Sauce with Salmon

Fresh salmon is the best. You can make it to perfection so that it just melts in your mouth. The horseradish taste in the sour cream dill sauce is subtle enough to not overwhelm the salmon’s delicate flavor.

15. Calamari

Your favorite Italian restaurant’s crispy calamari can now be made at home using an air fryer! This air-fried calamari appetizer just takes a few minutes to prepare, thanks to the crunchy panko bread crumbs and the rapid cooking time.

16. Steamed Tilapia with Corn Salsa

Fish is a favorite in most houses. If you have a quick recipe, then it becomes an even bigger hit. Steamed tilapia with corn salsa takes just a few minutes to broil. Serve it with couscous and lemon wedges for a special touch.

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17. Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze

You can cook these salmon fillets in the oven while you make a sweet basting sauce to go with them. For busy families and unexpected guests, this tangy entree is a great option.

18. Crispy Fish and Chips

When horseradish, panko, and Worcestershire sauce are added to a British pub classic, it becomes a crown jewel. White fish like cod and haddock can also be used.

19. Tilapia with Zucchini Noodles

This one-pan masterpiece is one the go-to recipes for busy weeknights. On account of the flavor, you’d think it would take much longer to prepare; however, the entire process just takes around 30 minutes. Any light fish, including shrimp, can be used in this dish.

20. Kabobs with Peppered Tuna

If you prefer to wow your guests at your barbecues, don’t provide hot dogs or hamburgers. The ultimate, no-fuss meal is tuna skewers with salsa on top.

21. Citrus Salsa with Mango-Salmon

On weeknights throughout the summer, you can easily prepare this dish for your family. If your kids refuse to east fish, don’t worry! They will definitely love this recipe. The salsa can be made a day ahead of time and stored in the fridge. Keep it in a closed container in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.

22. Salmon Linguine with a Creamy Sauce

Salmon linguine on a white plate, overhead shot.

The flavor and texture of this creamy pasta toss are elevated by the addition of grilled salmon. It’s delicious as it is. However, you can easily swap out the broccoli with any other vegetable you have on hand.

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23. Assortment of Fish, Vegetables, and a Side of Rice

To bring out the wow factor, you can prepare this skillet recipe for mahi mahi with different vegetables without any effort or fuss.

24. Cooked Salmon with a Spicy Seasoning

This juicy and flavorful fish can be quickly and easily prepared at home. Brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness; however, the seasonings are mild enough that this dish will appeal to a wide audience. Healthy salmon tastes even better when prepared this way.

25. Steamed or Grilled Fish Served with Root Vegetables

When you’ve got a lot on your plate, this comforting hash will keep you going. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have all been known occasions when you can tuck into it!

26. Cod Baked in Lemony Parsley Sauce

If you want to prevent overcooking fine fish, the key is to cook it quickly at a high temperature. Do so, and the fish will remain moist and tender.

27. Yakizakana

Japanese Yakizakana, focused shot.

Japanese-style grilled fish dishes, known as yakizakana, and are always served with the fish intact. Japan’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served with this simple dish, and the fish can either be left as is or marinated in soy sauce or miso.

Grilled meat should retain its firmness while still being moist, and the skin should be crispy. Horse mackerel, salmon, cod, and needlefish are among the most commonly used fish in yakizakana. In kaiseki ryori, a traditional Japanese meal served in courses, yakizakana is served as the sixth course together with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup.

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28. Tamsui Fish Balls

To eat the Tamsui fish balls, you must first marinate pork and garlic in the fish paste. Shark flesh paste is also included in some varieties, which gives the product an extra special taste. These packed fish balls are typically served in a hot bowl of fish-paste soup seasoned with pepper, a little oil, and some chopped celery, and are typically oval in shape and chewy in texture.

Rice vermicelli or dumplings are other common accompaniments to this regional delicacy. Street food items like fish balls are a popular choice for breakfast, lunch or as a savory snack because they are packed with flavor.

29. Stew

Cooked over an open fire, this classic Hungarian stew is called fi paprika (or Hal Pápikas, with sour cream added). Freshwater fish like as catfish, starlet, pike, and carp are usually used in this spicy fish stew.

Ground red paprika, a regional staple that can range from mild to highly hot, is used in considerable quantities to flavor the stew substantially. Fi paprika is so famous in the region that it is often served with homemade noodles and is the subject of various cooking competitions throughout the year.

30. Azerbaijani Kebab

Any firm, rich fish, marinated, skewered, and grilled into a baliq, is a favourite Azerbaijani kebab. Sturgeon from the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan is the most popular choice for baliq in the country. To marinade the fish, a mixture of minced dill, lemon juice, and salt is applied to the whole fish. Onions, tomatoes, and lemon wedges are all common accompaniments to this particular kebab style.

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31. Ackee

All kinds of dried and salted fish are commonly used in Jamaica’s national meal, including cod, mahi, or mackerel. Ackee and saltfish is a West African-inspired dish. In Jamaica, this dish is a staple of any meal, whether it’s a hearty breakfast or an appetizing entrée.

If you’re going to use ackee, you’ll want to wait until the fruit’s golden meat and distinctive black seeds (three of them) are clearly visible. It was introduced to the island in the 18th century and resembles a reddish peach in appearance.

32. Thailand’s Fish Curry

Thailand’s southern provinces are known for their spicy and flavorful fish curries. An aromatic curry mixture of chilli peppers, galangal, shrimp paste, turmeric, shallots, and lemongrass forms the backbone of the dish.

33. Kaeng Tai Pla

Dried fish, chopped eggplant, bamboo shoots, string beans, and other vegetables are common additions. Kaeng tai pla is ideally served with steamed rice on the side because of its strength and powerful, pungent scents. Most Thai curries do not contain coconut milk and are traditionally made only with fish.

34. Ajoarriero

Originally from the Basque Country and Navarre, ajoarriero is a traditional Spanish dish that has spread throughout Spain. Salted cod is blended with chopped vegetables such as red and green bell peppers and jalapeño peppers as well as potatoes in a sauce.

Traditionally, the dish was cooked in a clay pot over an open fire, and the amount of garlic used depended on the number of people eating at the time. Crab or beaten eggs were traditional additions in some locations. When it comes to serving Ajoarriero these days, it’s usually served in an earthenware dish and garnished with parsley on top.

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35. Angulas

Angulas, or baby eels, are a delicacy in Spain known as “the caviar of Northern Spain.” They are typically served with oil and garlic. Also, they’re one of Spain’s priciest meals, selling for as much as 1,000 euros per kilo, which some people believe doesn’t taste like much.

Others, on the other hand, laud angulas for their tender, flavorful meat. The newborn eels are translucent and slimy when they are alive. However, they turn opaque-white when cooked. It is customary in Bilbao to cook the eels with garlic and hot peppers in olive oil. Once it is done, add the baby eels. This is the most traditional preparation method.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on different variety of fish dishes. Cook a few of them over the weekend and taste the heavenly taste of seafood at your home.