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Does Broccoli Go with Ribs?

These are grilled ribs with a side of broccoli.

I always find that I need to pair ribs with extra fiber and healthy vegetables because it contains quite a bit of fat, and most seasonings for ribs require some high-calorie sugar ingredient. Considering a single option that would be convenient and meet the nutrition requirements, I thought, does broccoli go with ribs?

Broccoli goes with both beef and pork ribs and is most familiar as a side dish with ribs. The two together can be turned into a stir fry, stew, roast, and tacos. Broccoli is an excellent green vegetable that is versatile and works with most seasonings and textures to complement fatty meat like ribs.

It is necessary to highlight that most recipes for ribs will not contain broccoli as an ingredient. However, you can use broccoli as a side dish by steaming or roasting it or making a broccoli salad to serve with the ribs.

Here are some recipes you can use to incorporate broccoli and ribs together:

Ribs with Broccoli and Rice

Steamed, roasted, or stir-fried broccoli is a delectable addition to your ribs and rice dish. Alternatively, you can eat a broccoli salad or broccoli slaw with ribs and rice to balance the taste and nutrition.

Here are some ribs with broccoli and rice recipes to try:

Ribs with Broccoli Rice

Another way to have broccoli, especially if you don’t like biting into large broccoli florets and want a carb replacement, is to make broccoli rice to serve with your ribs. The sauce from the ribs masks the taste of the ribs, but you still get a fun, flavorful bite on your palette.

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Here are some broccoli rice recipes to try with ribs:

Stir Fry Pork Ribs with Broccoli

Pork ribs contain slightly less fat than beef ribs and are ideal for cutting into bite-size pieces for stir fry. You can toss it with some broccoli and enjoy it as a meal or dump it into rice bowls, tacos, wraps, or enjoy it with additional veggies.

Here are some stir fry pork recipes to try with broccoli:

Ribs with Broccoli Salad

No matter how you cook your ribs, a salad is always delicious on the side. You can make a tasty fresh broccoli salad and eat it alongside your favorite ribs. A fresh broccoli salad always complements a heavy and high-fat protein like ribs.

Here are some broccoli salad recipes to try with ribs:

Asian Short Ribs with Broccoli

Broccoli is a fantastic side or direct addition to Asian short ribs. It absorbs the flavors of the meat and complements the texture while adding fiber and giving you a more enjoyable meal overall.

Here are some Asian short ribs recipes to try with broccoli:

Ribs with Broccoli Slaw

Like a broccoli salad, broccoli slaw is fresh, fun, reasonably healthy, and the ideal side dish for any rib meat meal. Broccoli slaw is creamy, and opposite in taste to the typical seasoning ribs have, allowing the ribs and broccoli to complement each other in flavors and textures.

Here are some ribs with broccoli slaw recipes to try:

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Rib Tacos with Broccoli Slaw

You would typically make rib tacos with pork ribs. You can use your favorite rib taco recipe and add a broccoli slaw to your tacos to make sure you are getting in your green veg, and it creates exciting variety to your meal.

Here are some rib taco recipes to try with broccoli:

Oven-Baked Ribs with Broccoli

Oven-baked ribs with broccoli are probably the best way to cook ribs if you want to add broccoli directly to the dish without altering the taste and natural concept of ribs too much.

You can bake your ribs in the oven, and towards the end, add in your broccoli for 10-20 minutes to roast simultaneously and absorb the flavors from the ribs.

Here are some oven-baked ribs recipes to try with broccoli:

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Pan-Fried Ribs with Broccoli

While most people are fans of oven-baked and grilled ribs, some genuinely enjoy it pan-fried. That means broccoli can be added directly to the pan with the ribs and cooked together for flavors to mingle.

Here are some pan-fried ribs recipes to try with broccoli:

Crispy Coated Ribs with Broccoli

You might not expect crispy-coated ribs, but it is a fantastic way to pair with broccoli. The best way to eat crispy ribs is with broccoli slaw because anything crumbed is delicious with a slaw.

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Here are some crispy coated ribs recipes to try with broccoli:

Grilled Barbeque Ribs with Broccoli

Grilled barbeque ribs are another fantastic way to pair the meat with broccoli independently or with broccoli slaw. You could grill the ribs with broccoli simultaneously or have broccoli as a side dish with regular grilled barbeque ribs.

Here are some barbeque ribs recipes to try with broccoli:

Ribs with Broccoli Pesto

Here is a unique way to flavor your ribs. You could use broccoli pesto as a dip for your crumbed ribs or use it as a sauce with your ribs and rice, over tacos, or any way you prefer. Broccoli pesto is typically healthy and a delicious way to add variety to your ribs dishes.

Here are some broccoli pesto recipes to try for ribs:

Rib Curry/Stew with Broccoli

Rib curry (alternatively rib stew) is a delicious meal where you can use broccoli within the dish and get a rib and broccoli curry or stew. You could also use steamed broccoli or broccoli salad on the side with a rib curry and stew.

Here are some rib curry recipes to try with broccoli:

Here are some rib stew recipes to try with broccoli: