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Does Broccoli Go with Curry?

Vegetable curry with broccoli, served in a bowl.

Broccoli may not be everyone’s favorite vegetable. When preparing a curry, consider adding broccoli. A curry is different, and if you are not afraid to try something with more spice and heat than you are typically used to, broccoli with curry may be what you are looking for.

If you are trying to find a new way to prepare your least favorite vegetable, broccoli, you may consider adding it to curry. Broccoli is a versatile vegetable that complements other foods very well; therefore, it will go with curry.

A delicious curry with broccoli may be just the thing to change the mind of your picky eater about eating broccoli.  In the following article, I have presented a few recipes that may assist you with preparing a curry with broccoli.

What Is A Curry?

Chicken cutlet curry, Japanese style.

“Curry” is derived from the Tamil word “Kuri,” which means a sauce or relish.  In the 1800s, when British soldiers stationed in India and trade between the British colonies was amplified, the British developed a combination of roasted and ground spices.

It was during this time the term “curry powder” was coined. The name stuck and became a generic term by culinary experts to describe all curries.

What Makes a Curry Taste So Good?

A delicious curry is not difficult to make, but the taste will last for a long time. A good curry consists of a combination and a blend of a few spices, wet ingredients, along with some herbs. A curry is full-bodied, aromatic, and spicy, with just the proper blending of chili powder to give that punch and heat.

Paramount in making any curry is the whole roasted and ground spices that go into a garam masala. In many cases, a garam masala will consist of cloves, mustard seeds, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, and cardamom.

  1. A seasoned cook will add turmeric and chili powder to the ground spices. These spices provide color to your curry.
  2. The second step is frying your onions, ginger, and garlic. The combination of these three provides a deep base of flavor to your curry. Seasoned cooks have multiple ways of doing this. Some cooks suggest frying the onions until they are caramelized, while others prefer the lighter color.
  3. The body of your curry comes from adding a liquid or stock. You may decide on just one or a combination of the following; tomatoes (either fresh or canned, both work well), coconut milk, fresh cream, or yogurt. Or you may decide to go with plain old stock.
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Indian Curry With Broccoli

Vegetable Indian curry.

Traveling from the North of India to the South, you will find a very distinct difference in the making of curries.  Chefs and other culinary experts from the North of India have their blend of spices, different from those used in curries found in the South.

Due to the North being colder, cooks may use more chili in their curries. As opposed to the South, where you will find, even though they love their chilies, a lot of coconuts, coconut milk, and tamarind are used in their cooking.

Here are three delicious but very different examples of broccoli in curries.

Spicy Mung And Broccoli Curry

Spicy mung curry on white background.

Mung beans are exceptionally high in iron and a good source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Combined with broccoli, what you have is a well-balanced meal in all regards.

Vegetable And Broccoli Curry (Kerala Style)

Vegetable curry with broccoli, served in a bowl.

Kerala, being in the deep South of India, seasoned cooks use a lot of freshly grated coconut with coconut cream due to the abundance of coconuts in this region. Incidentally, Kerala is so named because of the coconut tree.

Thai Curry With Broccoli

Thai curry with broccoli with three cups of rice.

Thai curries, as the name suggests, originate from Thailand.  Thai curries are an inspired blend of Indian, Chinese, Lau, and Malaysian cultures.  Again, with Thai curries, you will see the prevalent use of coconuts due to the abundance of this fruit on the island.

Thai curries differ from Indian curries in aromatic herbs and leaves compared to the spice blends used in Indian curry.

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Vegan Broccoli Curry

Vegan curry on a bowl, overhead shot.

With so many people now choosing a healthier lifestyle and choosing not to consume animal protein, it may be a good idea to have a few vegan curry recipes on hand to cater to your vegan or vegetarian friends.

If you are preparing a vegan curry, you may consider adding broccoli to it.  Broccoli, with all its good vitamins and nutrients, maybe good meat substitute in your curry.

What Can I Serve with Broccoli Curry?

Hot yellow curry served with rice.

As mentioned above, seasoned cooks make a traditional Indian curry by adding vegetables or animal protein to the sauce or gravy. Because of the rich, fragrant and flavorful gravy, you will need something to soak it all up. Here are a few examples of what goes well with your broccoli curry.


You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of rice to serve with your broccoli curry.

You may serve your broccoli curry with brown rice for a healthier option or go for fragrant jasmine if you are making a Thai Broccoli curry. Perhaps you may want to try the coconut and turmeric rice.


There are so many different types of flatbreads to choose from. You have the traditional roti or naans, from the North of India, or the deep-fried pooris.

You also have the option of having your broccoli curry with a pita or wrapped in a tortilla.

A Dosa is a type of tortilla, very much like a crepe, mainly found in the Southern parts of India and made with a combination of lentils and rice. It is another good way to enjoy your broccoli curry.

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Broccoli is one of those vegetables that go well with other flavors and other foods. Curries are an all-around winner on any given day.

It is a mixed pot of spices, vegetables, or animal protein with gravy. Adding broccoli to your curry changes the flavor and texture of your curry, making your curry simply more delicious.

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