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Do Blackberries And Raspberries Go Together

Blackberries and raspberries on a wooden table.

Since both blackberries and raspberries are berries, you might assume that they would go together very well. And they do, in a lot of combinations. But in the end, it all depends upon the dish you are preparing. Not all blackberry recipes are very accommodating of raspberries and vice versa, but there are enough to keep you busy experimenting on the blackberry-raspberry combination for most of the berry season.

Some of the most common blackberry dishes that can be complemented with raspberries are:

Blackberry Tarts: Blackberry tarts just work with raspberries. Since both have naturally complimenting flavors, people like to use them in different ratios. Some recipes require equal weightage of both berries, while others go for a 2:1 (raspberries to blackberries) ratio.

Three examples of blackberry tarts with raspberries are:

Blackberry Cocktails: Blackberries and raspberries go together in a wide range of cocktails, and make for a refreshing combination, whether you are preparing an old fashion cocktail or a mojito.

Two blackberry-raspberry cocktails are:

Blackberry Milkshake (Smoothies): Smoothies are another great way to accentuate the flavor of blackberries with raspberries (or vice versa). The good idea is to use both berries fresh, but you can use one or both frozen as well.

Three blackberry smoothies with raspberries recipes are:

Blackberry Muffins: Muffins have a good relationship with berries. You can use one berry, two berries combined (like blackberries and raspberries), or swap one (or even both) out for strawberry or blueberry. But the blackberry and raspberry combination is tried, tested, and tasted (quite well), and you can easily try it out.

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Two different blackberry muffins with raspberries are:

Blackberry Cake: From joint “icing” to melding in the batter, blackberries and raspberries combine in different ways when it comes to cakes. However, as they tend to “sink” in the batter when the cake is baked, which is not something everyone prefers, they are mostly used toppings. The two muted colors complement each other very well (aesthetically and in taste).

Two cakes with blackberries and raspberries are:

Blackberry Jam: Both blackberries and raspberries are great for jam, alone and together. The dark, thick jam the two yields together is delicious. You can control consistency and texture with sugar and by modifying the procedure a bit.

Blackberry and raspberry jam recipe examples are:

Blackberry Pies: Blackberries and raspberries go together swimmingly in most of the conventional pies, thanks to the fact that the flavors don’t clash; they meld. They can also be combined into more whimsical “mini-pies.”

Three blackberry-raspberry pie recipes to try the next berry season are:

Blackberry Salads: Any berry salad will easily accommodate these two berries (and more, if you want) in a tasty and healthy medley. You can add more nutrition and compliment the taste with spinach, lettuce, hazelnuts, cheese, etc.

Three blackberry salads that incorporate raspberries are:

Blackberry Butter: Butter, it seems, can only work with one berry at a time. At least that’s the case with blackberries and raspberries. You can literally mix dairy butter with the berries, but it’s recommended that you don’t combine the two berries. However, there is a body butter that combines both blackberries and raspberries, but that might not be a very “palatable” combination.

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Blackberry Pudding: While not a very popular combination in your typical pudding recipes, blackberries and raspberries go together fine in a few different pudding-type desserts. And in some recipes, raspberries can replace blackberries.

Two puddings where blackberries and raspberries combine well are:

Blackberry Bread: You can either make bread with just blackberries and raspberries or throw in another berry in the mix. The bread will come out more similar to a loaf cake, but it will taste just fine.

Two examples would be:

Blackberry Ice Cream: If you expand your definition of ice cream to include a few other frozen desserts as well, you might find several delicious ways of combining these two. But even if you wish to stick to ice creams, blackberries and raspberries go together very well in a ripple.

Two examples are:

If you are trying to combine something with blackberries in relatively easy dishes, raspberry is a good candidate. The dishes where blackberries and raspberries go together tend to be relatively easy, and you don’t have to worry about the flavors clashing too much.