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19 Custard Varieties

A bowl of custard.

We all know what a comfort food dish is – a dish whose simple ingredients instantly elevate your spirits. Comfort foods are mostly divided into two categories – sweet or spicy. These foods can be such a treat, especially if you have a sweet tooth. There are some desserts that don’t necessitate a lot of glitz and glamour to be served. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to prepare them; just a few ingredients, and you are good to go.

Sweet dishes in their purest form taste the best. They are best savored because the flavor is what lingers in the memory more than anything else. Custard is one such dessert. Numerous variations are possible when it comes to custard. From fruit custard to caramel custard to meringue to chocolate ganache, you can have a variety that will give your taste bud a proper jostling. The simplest of all is a spoonful of homemade vanilla custard, with its characteristic vanilla flavor, is enough to take your breath away.

Homemade Custard versus Market Bought Custard – Which One is Better?

There are several varieties of instant custard available on the market. However, none of them compares to the flavor and texture of homemade custard. Although preparing custard at home isn’t exactly a two-minute task. As the saying goes, you need to put in a little effort to enjoy the genuine flavor of a dish. Microwave custard recipes are also an option if you’d rather keep things simple. Anyhow, custard can be prepared in a variety of ways at home.

Eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract are the primary components of custard. So there you have it. In addition to these, you can include whatever agrees with your taste buds. When it comes to making custard at home, summer is the greatest time of year.

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The Role of Eggs in Custard

Custard involves the usage of eggs. However, it is said the excessive use of eggs can cause alarming ailments, which is why you need to be careful. Even though tiny tangled balls of protein are found in the yolks of each egg that can be quite useful for the human body; however, when eggs are heated, the proteins in the yolk begin to alter. It starts to cross-link with anything such as milk or cream. It touches the bottom as it begins to overlap. When enough cross-linked proteins result, the flow becomes more viscous. Hence, the liquid turns into semi-solid. Cross-links in the custard are partially disrupted as it is stirred as it cooks. This causes your custard to flow when poured.

Thickening Agents in Custard

Flour and cornstarch are common thickening agents in starch-thickened custards. These starches give custards the structure they need to stand up to the test of time.

Custards produced with eggs should always be cooked in a water bath. Using a water bath prevents the custard from being overcooked by direct oven heat. Any oven temperature higher than 325 degrees Fahrenheit is asking for trouble. The lower the temperature, the better for custards.

A low simmer is required for starch-thickened custards to ensure they’re cooked thoroughly, while custards produced with eggs can be boiled.

The delicate nature of egg custard necessitates extra care and even heating of the water bath. Custards thickened with starch have more structure and can withstand being cooked over an open flame.

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How to Tell If the Custard Is Ready to be Served?

Vanilla custard.

Regardless of the custard recipe you are choosing, always check the custard every few minutes to ensure it’s being cooked properly. Sometimes, you need to check before the stated baking time in the recipe because the custard might produce bubbles or get done before it was supposed to. Even after being removed from the external heat source, custards continue to cook slightly even after being poured into a serving dish.

Wiggle a ramekin around to see whether it’s ready. Jell-O-like, but not too runny, is the ideal consistency for this dessert. Custard is done when it moves as one mass rather than as a cup of liquid cream in the small dish. It is definitely overcooked if a knife pushed into the centre comes out clean. If this occurs, immediately remove the ramekins from the water bath and submerge them in cold water to cool them down and halt the cooking process.

Because the egg whites in the base are packed with proteins that coagulate at a lower temperature, crème caramel often cooks more quickly than other custards.

Different Types of Custard  

Different types of custards are as follows:

1. Crème Anglaise

The classic sauce, known as “Crème Anglaise,” is whipped up with sweetened milk and cream and thickened with egg yolks. Among all of the fundamental custards, it is the thinnest. It’s not very creamy or milky, and it’s thick enough without consuming too many eggs. Fruits and cakes will love this drizzle.

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2. Crème Brûlée

Creme Brulee, close up shot.

A thin, crackly layer of caramelized sugar tops baked custard known as Crème Brûlée. It is considered to be the richest and most delicious custard on the market. Smooth, silky, rich, and thick custard is the result of emulsifying heavy cream and yolks in the cooking process. It’s mesmerizing because it’s such a stunning contrast to the shiny hard caramelized sugar on top.

3. Crème Caramel

In terms of decadence, nothing beats Crème Caramel. A caramel-lined ramekin is used to make a unique type of custard called crème caramel. Before adding the custard, the ramekin is coated with a layer of caramel. When compared to brûlée, it is much less heavy. To make crème caramel, you’ll need whole eggs, yolks, milk, and cream. Inverting it out of the baking ramekin allows the caramel sauce to collect around it, and the egg whites help to stiffen up the custard so it can stand on its own.

4. Flan

The crème caramel of France is known as flan in Spain. Flan is a popular dish in many countries, including Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and many others. Sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk may be used in some flan recipes, depending on the method.

5. Custard Pastries

Eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence are the basic ingredients in the most traditional form of these pastries. However, according to your taste, the recipe can be tweaked to include chocolate, coffee, or even coconut flavorings.

6. Pot de Crème

It’s hard to imagine a better dessert than Pot de Crème. A pot of custard or a pot of cream is what the name refers to. The custard is made with equal parts cream and milk and a lot of egg yolks, making it eggy, silky and smooth.

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7. Crème Patissiere

Custard thickened with starch and eggs is known as Crème Patissiere. Many sweets rely on it as a key ingredient. It can be used to fill cream puffs, éclairs, tarts, and other desserts. Pastry cream, in contrast to other types of custard, must be heated to a rolling boil. When the cornstarch is cooked properly, there is no trace of the starchy flavor. The starch in the cornstarch swells, generating starch linkages that actually thicken and stabilize the pastry cream, thanks to the heat of the oven.

If the crème patisserie is lumpy, you don’t need to strain it. However, ensuring a silky smooth crème patisserie is a wise choice. Almond, coconut, cashew or soy butter can be substituted for the dairy-based milk and butter in this recipe to create a dairy-free alternative.

8. Caramel Custard

Both children and adults alike love this classic custard dish made with sugar caramelized in the oven with vanilla and chocolate sprinkled on top. Caramel custard is a quick and elegant dessert popular in French cuisine. This custard can be made in about an hour. Your family will love this simple and quick caramel custard recipe.

9. Floating Islands

It’s impossible to resist biting into this childhood favorite French delicacy, which boasts fluffy meringue on top of steaming vanilla custard. A decadent dessert for a dinner party that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes with only eggs, sugar, milk, and vanilla extracts is here to serve you.

10. Fruit Trifle

With a variety of fruits, jelly, and custard, trifle is an English dessert that is served in a circular dish with multiple layers. With a generous dollop of whipped cream, this dish is ready to serve. It’s a delicious treat stacked with fresh fruits, cake, custard, and jelly that you’ll enjoy savoring. It’s impossible to call these treats “fruit trifles” if they’re served in anything other than a circular dish.

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11. Bajra Tartlets with Fruit Custard

Bajra is the star ingredient in these scrumptious tarts. Cream cheese, for example, can be used as a filling for these doughnut holes. Serve them as a sweet treat at tea time by topping them with fresh fruit.

12. Fruit Custard

Fruit custard, close up shot.

Yummy mango custard tartlets with kiwi slices on top made with bajra and wheat flour are everybody’s favorite. Custard with Fresh Fruit is the ultimate way out for those who are conscious about their weight. Therefore, when it comes to desserts, fruit custard is a staple at most parties. This post-meal dessert is a wonderful combination of fruits and custard created with eggs, sugar, milk, cardamom, and a dash of vanilla!

13. Custard with Fruit

Fruit custard can be made with a variety of fruits, but only sweet ones are appropriate for this dish. Make a dish as part of your evening snake and savor with your family members.

14.  Coconut and Litchi Crème Caramel

Caramel custard gets a new Asian spin in this recipe. Caramelized litchis and coconut milk combine to make a delectable dessert that’s sure to melt in your mouth. If you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert to serve at a party, this is a perfect option. It’s a surefire way to wow your guests. Litchi and coconut are encased in a custard-like pastry. It’s a must-have dish!

15. Lagan Nu Custard

Dessert known as ‘Lagan-Nu-Custard’ is a traditional Parsi dish served during weddings. The dessert’s name translates to “wedding custard” since it is traditionally served at weddings and is stuffed with cashews and other nuts. Every day, items like milk, eggs, butter, and almonds go into this custard dish.

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The best of the Parsi dessert is, without a doubt, this custard. Prepare yourself for significant occasions and celebrations and let your guests savor this delicacy. They will be blown away!

16. Jamun Sauce of Coconut Custard

Coconut custard with a jamun sauce that’s both gorgeous and delicious is a must-have. The cardamom and rose water notes in the jamun sauce are subtle yet savory that’s bound to taste heavenly when consumed. The custard made from the jamun fruit combines the flavors of Indian and French cuisines, with a delectable jamun sauce infused with the benefits of coconut.

17. Summer Fruits Combined with Custard

Chopped fruit can be added to the thick and creamy custard for an additional flavor dimension. A simple and quick recipe for a fruit custard is so simple that it may be made frequently as a dessert after a meal almost every other day.

18. Microwaved Version of Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard is a simple pudding-like French dish that has gained worldwide popularity. Crème caramel, milk leche, and custard flan are just a few of the many names given to caramel custard. You can serve this dessert to guests of all ages during dinner gatherings. If custard is your thing, but you’ve got no time to make it, try this microwave custard recipe for your next dessert. You can whip up a batch of this golden custard in the microwave in a matter of minutes. It is quick, easy, and savory!

19. Pressure Cooker Caramel Custard

If you’re looking for an easy and quick dessert to cap your meal, this custard recipe is a must-have for dinner parties. This caramel custard dish, which can be made in a pressure cooker in less than an hour, is delicious. Make it at home, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from making it again and again. With this simple custard recipe, you won’t have to stress about what to serve for dessert any longer.

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Final Word

And that’s a wrap on custard varieties! Try all the custard recipes mentioned in this article one by one and get mesmerized with the unique taste of each!