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Blackberry Dessert Recipes

Picture of Blackberry Dessert

Blackberries are generally great fruits to eat at any moment of the day due to their dark, inky color and refreshing sweet flavor. Like raspberries, they can be sweet, acidic, and occasionally sour, based on how mature they are. They have a lower sugar content than other berries, so they’re a great choice for a delicious snack. Today, we’ve compiled a list of 25 blackberry dessert recipes that you should try if you could find fresh blackberries in your area.

1. Homemade Blackberry Pie

As the blackberries simmer, their juices leak out, turning this pie into a gorgeous rich purple color. It’s dark and deep from some perspectives, but there are pops of vibrant color that only fresh fruit can provide.

Check the whole recipe here.

2. Blackberry White Chocolate S’mores

These s’mores are perfect for BBQs and get-togethers; it’s always great to have that little variation, and this recipe provides it! Although these S’mores are still extremely sweet, the white chocolate adds a layer of creaminess to them.

Check the whole recipe here.

3. Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake

Picture of Vegan Blackberry Cheesecake

Filled with vibrant colors, this recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, and Instagram-worthy! Don’t anticipate having this done in minutes, from boiling the cashews to adding a few extra ingredients to the foundation. But, in conclusion, it’s well worth it. All you’ll want is a good blender and the willingness to wait for it to solidify!

Check the whole recipe here.

4. Blackberry Pie Bars

A basic shortbread-like mixture of sugars, wheat, and butter is squeezed into a baking tray for the crust of these pie bars. The secret to creating a perfect crumble top is to leave some space between the fruit and the topping so that it can rise to the surface.

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Check the whole recipe here.

5. Blackberry Lime Cake

This luscious lime cake goes well with a variety of flavors, from coconut to raspberry, or simply by itself with a dab of whipped cream. The frosting, on the other hand, really helps bring this dessert to life.

Check the whole recipe here.

6. Blackberry Limeade Popsicle

Popsicles made at home are everyone’s favorite. These popsicles are quite tasty. Lemon zest is the ideal complement to the somewhat sour blackberries, and the color is stunning. If you want anything creamy, combine the fruit mixture with some coconut milk.

Check the whole recipe here.

7. Lemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies

These cookies are gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free, with berries, bananas, cinnamon, and oats. They have the same sweet, crunchy, fruity, and feisty flavor as your favorite oatmeal biscuit.

Check the whole recipe here.

8. Blackberry Brownies

Since brownies are super-rich and deeply flavorful, they’re the ideal chocolate dessert for adding fruit. This means the fruits do not overshadow the chocolate flavor but rather complement it with sweet bursts. You can use any recipe you choose, including a box mix! Simply spread the berries on top and bake!

Check the whole recipe here.

9. Blackberry jam

Sugar is commonly found in store-bought jams. So, because berries are in season, you may easily create your own at home. Cornstarch will stiffen your jam and provide the greatest results, but you can keep it out if you prefer a lighter jam.

Check the whole recipe here.

10. Chocolate Blackberry Crumble

The berries play a large role in this dish. It’s similar to those blackberry pie treats, but with almond flour, powdered coconut, minced pecans, and chocolate chips in the crumbled topping.

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Check the whole recipe here.

11. Blackberry, Almond, and Rosemary Tart

Making frangipane is something everyone should be able to do. This easy almond tart is incredibly adaptable, quick to prepare, and a hit at any gathering. A flaky pastry shell, a coating of blackberry jam, frangipane center, and more fruit on top make up this unique dish.

Check the whole recipe here.

12. Blackberry Bread Pudding

In practically every household, there is old bread lying in the kitchen. What better way to use it all than to create this delicious, sweet, tropical breakfast dessert? To avoid scorching the fruit, put it in the center, and it’s done!

Check the whole recipe here.

13. Blackberry Bread

Picture of Blackberry Bread

Use sweet and juicy blackberries in this quick and simple Blackberry Bread recipe or freezer blackberries to have a touch of summer any time of the year! Simply defrost the blackberries beforehand, and you’re ready to go!

Check the whole recipe here.

14. Blackberry and Blueberry Galette

A Galette is a type of rustic pie. Simply roll out some puff pastry and stuff it with your fruit. After that, all you have to do is fold the corners, egg rinse, and bake.

Check the whole recipe here.

15. Layered Blackberry Fool

This is a smart little dish, despite the name. It deceives you into believing it’s something intricate when it’s really just pureed fruit with whipped cream! By combining half of the whipped cream with part of the mashed fruits and stacking it from deepest to lightest, you can achieve those wonderful layers.

Check the whole recipe here.

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16. Blackberry Granita

Granitas are similar to shaved ice, except the mixture is flavored before freezing. It’s also quite simple to make by yourself! Simply combine your fruit, lemon zest, salt, and liquid in a blender, then drain and freeze.

Check the whole recipe here.

17. Blackberry Panna Cotta

You’ll be captivated the first time you create Panna cotta, and it turns out clean, elegant, and gorgeous. There’s no limit to the flavors you can create from there! This dish has a lovely purple hue instead of the traditional pink, and everybody will like the velvety and fruity flavor.

Check the whole recipe here.

18. Cardamom-Blackberry Linzer Cookies

Cardamom is a highly distinctive spice, and just like lavender, it’s easy to overuse it in baking. This formula nails it, providing you with a unique citrus, menthol-like flavor that’s subtle but distinct.

Check the whole recipe here.

19. Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yoghurt is a great ice cream substitute, and you can be sure it’s free of artificial sweeteners and chemicals if you make it on your own. Blackberries and Greek yoghurt are the two essential components of this dish. Based on when you gathered the fruit, it may already be sweet enough to avoid using honey.

Check the whole recipe here.

20. Blackberry Scones

Tender, buttered, gently sweet, and jam-packed with luscious blackberries, Blackberry Scones are a must-try. These delicious, American-style scones are ideal for a late-afternoon treat or a relaxed weekend breakfast.

Check the whole recipe here.

21. Blackberry Turnovers

You essentially have everything you need to create these mini hand pies if you have pie dough in the fridge, a few scattered blackberries, honey, and eggs. Because they’re called turnovers, you can have them in the morning, and they’re also healthy because they’re packed with fruit.

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Check the whole recipe here.

22. Blackberry Cobbler

This may appear to be yet another blackberry pie, but it’s actually a traditional cobbler. The triple pastry sheet is what distinguishes this desert. It is indeed a traditional dish that many people love.

Check the whole recipe here.

23. Peach Blackberry Tart

Peaches are added to this tart, making it particularly vibrant and sweet. If you only have tinned diced peaches, wash and press clean before using them in the pastry. Furthermore, once cooked, they will most likely become considerably smoother than fresh ones.

Check the whole recipe here.

24. Blackberry Chocolate Fig Bars

Blackberry, chocolates, and figs may seem like a weird combination, but it really works. Blackberries and chocolate go well beautifully, particularly if the berries are sour. However, incorporating the figs gives the mixture a chewiness and a caramel-like flavor.

Check the whole recipe here.

25. Blackberry Pistachio Crumble Bars

Pistachios are not only delightfully nutty and mildly flavored, but they’re also a stunning green color that pops in practically any recipe. You can use pecans, nuts, or cashews instead, but the green bursts give this recipe a spectacular touch and taste.

Check the whole recipe here.