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Best Strawberry Jam Brands

Strawberry jam brands.

Grocery shopping may be a hassle when you’re searching for the best—there are numerous brands and hundreds of options. It might be difficult for the ideal candidate to please your palate. It becomes even more challenging when it comes to Jams. There’s something unique about all different types of fruit-filled spreads, whether they’re jam, jelly, or preserves, and this uniqueness, and the fact that taste might be subjective, makes it difficult to make the right choice.

That’s where articles like this can help you.

Best Strawberry Jam Bands

Taste is subjective, and a jam that might be a mouthwatering delight for one may not be your “jar of jam.” Still, we’ve tried to compile a list of some of the best Strawberry Jam Brands you might find in your nearest store or order online.

Another thing to consider is the best according to which “metric.” Some readers might be looking for the healthiest brand, while others might seek the tastiest. And although we have strived to prepare a list that gives you the best of both worlds, our recommendations might lean more towards the former.

1. INNA Seascape (A Premium Choice)

INNA manufactures two strawberry jams, each named for the fruit variety used to make them. While the Albion taste is good, the Seascape variation is way better. We enjoyed the strong flavor of stewed fruit upfront, as well as the crisp, fresh finish. Although it’s a touch runnier than ideal for strawberry jam—almost like a compote—it would still stand up to being spread on crusty toast with salty butter because of its big pieces of meltingly soft fruit. It’s perfect for spooning over yogurt because of its texture.

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2. Smucker’s Natural Spread (An Affordable Pick)

Our budget choice may be found at most mainstream supermarket shops. While the usual strawberry spread from the company was tasty (a touch hard and candy-sweet), this one hit all the perfect notes. It’s solely sweetened with sugar rather than corn syrup, like in the traditional form. You’re in luck if you like fruit pieces in your jam since this one has a lot of them. You can get a 17.25 oz jar for $2.58 from Walmart.

3. 365 Everyday Value, Organic Strawberry Conserve (Affordable Organic Pick)

For a handmade appearance, this jam was additionally filled with strawberry pieces. The jam became somewhat less spreadable as a result of this, but what it missed in spreadability, it more than made up for in strawberry taste and sweetness. This jam is sweeter than others, yet it tastes just like handmade strawberry jam, so you might want to use relatively less quantity than you ordinarily use. It’s also a great bargain for the amount of preserve you get for the price.

4. Berryhill Preserves, Strawberry (Not A Jam But A Tasty Delight Nevertheless)

It’s not a Jam per se, but it’s still an option worth considering. In the four usual testing criteria (flavor, aroma, spread, appearance), this jam received great scores. It had a good, spreadable consistency and a delicious fruity fragrance. When it came to the flavor, it was clear that this jam would be delicious—it was packed with strawberry pieces and a few seeds, making this alternative appear more real. This jam was wonderfully sweet, with a strong strawberry taste and just a bit of acidity, resulting in a well-rounded spread that we’d eat again and again.

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5. Crofter’s Organic Premium Spread (A Slightly “Less” Premium Choice)

The Strawberry Premium Spread by Crofter, which is jammier and thicker than INNA and has significantly fewer pieces of fruit, is another great option if you are looking for a classy organic jam. This jam had a great strawberry flavor—too many of the jams we tried had a mediocre strawberry flavor or, worse, a pineapple or raisin aftertaste (more on that below). The ingredient list keeps faithful to the fruit in question, and the end product is sour and sweet in equal measure. In a nutshell, this is the only spread you’ll ever need for the perfect PBJ.


There might be several other jam brands that are an ideal fit for your taste buds, but these five are a good place to start. Nowadays, the technical differences between jams, jellies, and preserves are “overlooked,” and we believe it’s a good practice. Choose what taste rights, have a fair (ideally discounted) price tag, and are healthy, regardless of whether it’s strictly a jam or not.

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