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16 Bagel Varieties

Bagel on a white plate.

Bagels come in various shapes and sizes, and they are unquestionably one of the most popular morning foods. Combining it with coffee gives you the ideal quick and easy morning meal. It’s difficult to say no to one that’s fresh, scorching hot, and overflowing with the most delectable cream cheese, no matter how dedicated a fitness enthusiast you are. It’s hardly surprising, then, that millions of people worldwide enjoy bagels in various forms and names regularly.

When it comes to how this ‘ring of kneaded bread’ must be eaten, bagel enthusiasts have strong opinions. There’s a discussion about whether or not to toast it, whether or not to spread cream cheese on it, and whether or not to scoop it. Eating a bagel certainly necessitates some critical decision-making abilities. We’ll try to address any of your questions about bagels and bagel flavor by discussing the amazing world of bagels and bagel flavor.

Bagels are so popular that there are fan clubs dedicated to them! You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking to go into one of these and want to know everything there is to know about bagels. Continue reading to learn more about bagel variants.

What’s the Difference Between Bagels and Bread?

Bagels, contrary to popular assumption, are simply kneaded bread circles. This concept, or should we say “misconception,” has sparked a heated dispute about what exactly a bagel is.

Bagels are round pieces of bread made from simple dough materials such as flour, water, salt, yeast, malt, and, occasionally, eggs. Making a bagel is a one-of-a-kind experience. It entails boiling the dough first, then baking it until it turns a rich, golden caramel hue. The capacity of bagels to generate a faint cracking sound when you take the first bite is one of their most distinguishing features.

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Despite the fact that bagels are formed from dough similar to that used to make bread, they are much more than that. Different foods frequently have a unique and fascinating backstory, and bagels are no exception.

Common Bagel Varieties

What began as a simple, plain bread-like snack has evolved into a dish with an infinite number of flavors and variants. Many people are surprised to learn that there are bagels for different times of the day, such as lunch or breakfast, and that there are bagels to meet different flavor needs, whether sweet, savory, or a combination of the two.

You may discover descriptions of numerous bagel kinds below, whether you want a simple bagel with a dollop of cream cheese or one with chocolate chips or raisins in the dough.

The most popular and widely consumed bagel flavors are listed below. They’ll definitely entice your taste buds and make you want to try one of these delectable delicacies!

1. Plain Bagels

Nice and smooth plain bagels.

The original smooth bezel is very basic with the perfect, awful covering. You can make this a tasty treat even if you don’t include fancy badges on the list. Their soft and cheesy bagel with a raw crust provides a fresh texture and sweet taste for ordinary bread.

It may transform any basic bagel into the most delectable breakfast or lunchtime delight. When it comes to stuffing a basic bagel, the possibilities are unlimited. You can make a typical cream cheese cooked with charcuterie or try it with salted butter. Simple beetles can be sprinkled on sweet foods with chocolate spread or excellent nut butter and jelly. Sweet beans covered with mashed bananas are another form of healthful substance.

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2. Everything Bagel

Everything on top bagel with cream.

The name couldn’t be more appropriate! Everything bagels are covered in “everything” from all of the world’s best bagels. The concept behind these tasty bagels is simple: if you can’t decide between bagel flavors, why not try them all?

After plain bagels, everything bagels are thought to be the most popular, mainly because this bagel flavor appears to have arisen from the world of spices and seeds. Theas if everything bagel is a delicious combination of dried onions, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and sometimes a touch of salt that gives you a taste of everything you might want. Simply said, an everything bagel can satisfy all of your savory desires!

3. Bagels with Chocolate Chips

Consider a stack of luscious chocolate chip bagels – like chocolate chip muffins and cookies weren’t enough. Chocolate chip bagels awaken your long-buried inner child – the one who, despite parental cautions and prohibitions, likes to smear chocolate on literally everything. Chocolate chips fill these delectable bagels, which are present in every bite of a chocolate chip bagel.

However, the proper way to eat chocolate chip bagels is to toast them until they get that delicious, cracked, golden top. After that, take a bite out of the warm bagel to enjoy the flowing, melted chocolate within.

4. Bagels with Cinnamon and Raisins

Although cinnamon raisin bagels lack the variety like a plain bagel, they are wonderful and tasty, reminiscent of hazy autumn mornings. These aren’t as sugary as you might anticipate, but they do have a delicious combination of cinnamon and raisins. Cinnamon raisin bagels have a stringy, chewy texture because of the raisins, and the cinnamon adds a subtle kick of spice to balance out the sweetness of the bagel and the raisins. A cinnamon raisin bagel is excellent at any time of year, but especially in the fall and winter.

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5. Blueberry Bagels

Blueberry bagels on a basket.

Blueberry bagels are a wonderful breakfast treat that can make the morning! They go from the cooking bowl to your mouth in under two hours!

A blueberry bagel is made in the same way as a regular bagel, with the exception that the baker adds blueberries to the dough as it is being mixed in the mixer.

Because of the blueberry juice, the bagel dough will soon become a gorgeous shade of purple. Blueberry bagels are not only a lovely purple color on the interior, but they’re also sweet and fragrant thanks to the blueberries strewn throughout the dough.

6. Onion Bagels

There’s no doubting that onions may, and frequently do, improve the flavor of almost any dish. Onion bagels have a flavor that is both robust and absolutely distinctive. The texture of these bagels is unusually crunchy, and the flavor is deep and garlicky. Onion bagels are the Brad Pitt of bagel tastes, and they’re extremely popular all around the world.

Although scallion cream cheese is the finest compliment to an onion bagel, other people like to smear a generous coating of sparkling butter over the crunchy top.

Before adding flour to the bagel dough batter, toss in chopped or dehydrated onions to make the ultimate gooey, oniony bagels. The seductive aroma of onions will soon be incorporated into the bagel dough. Your taste senses will thank you as soon as the onion bagels are ready to eat – just remember to brush your teeth after each one to save the folks around you!

7. French Toast Bagels

Even if you are one of those people who cannot stomach the notion of drinking anything other than coffee in the morning, French toast bagels will make you want to have breakfast every day of the week. These bagels are soft, sweet, and well worth the price of purchase or preparation.

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A French toast bagel can be the perfect way to satisfy that sweet desire if you must have a sweet breakfast delight. The French toast custard soaks into every nook and cranny of these bagels, which is the greatest part. As a result, there is no part of the dough that isn’t flavored like French toast.

Soak the sliced side of the bagel bread in the glossy French toast mixture to get the most out of a French toast bagel. Then put it in the fridge for a few hours.

Do you have any idea what could take these already delicious bagels to the next level? Cream cheese that has been whipped! Let’s face it: whipped cream cheese enhances the flavor of just about anything.

8. Salt Bagels

Although salt and bagels aren’t a common pairing, imagine biting into a salty bagel smeared in chilled cream cheese. Doesn’t it seem both refreshing and indulgent?

Although a bit of salt can alleviate many flavor troubles and dilemmas in most dishes and on many foods, adding a little too much salt on a bagel will leave you with nothing but salt. To make perfect salt bagels, sprinkle a little salt on top, brush off the excess crystals, and then bite into your hot, oozy salt bagel without hesitation.

9. Asiago Bagels

We’re not sure what else would be better than bread and cheese as a pairing made in heaven! Cheese and bread are, without a doubt, some of the most exquisite culinary pairings of all time.

The Asiago bagel is a unique and delectable rendition of this great food pairing. The perfect combination of warm, fresh bread and layers of rich, salty, silky cheese is found in Asiago bagels. This flavor combination creates a symphony of flavor on the tongue.

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As the name implies, Asiago bagels are made with Asiago cheese, a delicious Italian cheese. Asiago cheese is manufactured from the milk of an Italian cow and can only be made in Italy on the Asiago plateau, which is located in the Veneto region’s foothills.

When a bagel with this taste comes out of the boiling water and before being baked in the oven, a liberal amount of shredded Asiago cheese is customarily sprinkled over it. When the delicious aroma of melted Asiago cheese fills your kitchen and your homemade bagels turn a gorgeous golden-brown color, you know they’re ready to come out of the oven.

10. Poppyseed Bagels

While poppyseeds getting lodged in your teeth would ordinarily be a major annoyance, these bagels are well worth the pain of dealing with the poppyseeds stuck where you don’t want them. There is no other flavor like poppyseeds, which has a deep, out-of-this-world flavor.

Poppyseeds have a nutty flavor, and the seeds are coarsely granulated. Poppyseeds also have a delectable and pleasant fruity flavor. To most Americans, bagels and poppyseeds are a match made in heaven. These seeds produce a soft and chewy bagel on the inside and crispy on the outside. So you may enjoy the contrasting yet oh-so-satisfying combination of crunchy and chewy with every bite of a poppy seed bagel.

Aside from being extremely tasty, a poppyseed bagel is also a visual delight. When golden-brown bagels are topped with dark blue poppyseeds, they become even more gorgeous.

11. Egg Bagel

These bagels are typically described as a fantastic combination of two of the world’s most outstanding morning foods: eggs and bread. Egg bagels have a cult following, yet many of its devotees believe underappreciated and underestimated.

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The addition of egg yolks to the bagel dough recipe results in egg bagels. The inclusion of egg yolks resulted in a flavor that was quite sweet. It also gives the bagel dough a velvety feel. Most people have a love-hate relationship with egg bagels, as rich and wonderful as they are. The “hatred” arises from the fact that the standard egg bagel texture differs significantly from the classic bagel’s crusty and crispy outside.

On the other hand, true egg bagel fans will find egg bagels to be utter perfection in flavor, texture, consistency, and even color!

Because egg bagels are a bit sweeter as compared to plain bagels, serving them with lox and cream cheese spread is preferable to achieve the ideal salty-sweet balance. Alternatively, add a fried egg to your toasted egg bagel for added protein!

12. Garlic Bagels

There is no such thing as too much garlic in cooking in most parts of the world, notably in certain parts of the United States.

Garlic is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. A little garlic goes a long way when it comes to adding taste and enhancing the presence of other flavors in recipes.

The garlicky crunch makes a crisp sound as soon as you bite into a garlic bagel. To the ears, the sound is soothing. When preparing homemade bagels, they will taste like a fantastic breakfast version of garlic bread if you make garlic bagels right.

The easiest method to get the most garlicky taste out of a garlic bagel is to spray it with a garlic-olive oil mixture or add a hint of garlic to the dough batter in the form of garlic powder or minced garlic cloves. On top of a garlic bagel that seems almost too delicious to be true, there should be a rich, crackling garlic coating. Allow yourself to be pampered.

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13. Whole Wheat Bagels

This is the ideal bagel for die-hard bagel aficionados who want to indulge in these delectable sweets but need to be cautious owing to health or dietary considerations. By eating whole wheat bagels, those who are health-conscious can avoid feeling the full guilt of carb-loading.

Whole wheat bagels are not only as delicious as the other bagel kinds, but they are also healthful and packed with several nutritional benefits. As the name implies, a whole wheat bagel is produced using whole grains and whole grain flour rather than the refined grain flour that is generally used in the manufacture of a plain bagel or loaf of white bread.

Whole grains are an important component of a healthy diet. Whole grains are also the healthiest type of grain to eat, as they are high in minerals and fiber that feed the body.

While the difference in grains in the flour alters the flavor of whole wheat bagels slightly when compared to plain bagels, they are still tasty. You can always add some unsalted butter or low-fat cream cheese for added taste.

14. Sesame Bagels

Turkish bagel with sesame seeds on top.

Sesame seeds have a delicate flavor and a nutty brilliance that enhances both savory and sweet dishes. Sesame seeds have a rich flavor and a distinct crunch that elevates an ordinary bagel to something special. A sesame bagel is simple, delicious, and crispy, with a warm flavor that pairs well with butter, cream cheese, or even flavored cream cheese.

15. Cheddar Bagels

You can never have enough cheese, especially cheddar cheese, just as there is nearly no such thing as too much garlic or onion in meals.

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Despite the fact that cheddar bagels resemble a bread roll with melted cheese on the top and interior, they are delicious. As previously stated, cheese and bread are a classic and exquisite pairing, so it’s no surprise that cheddar bagels are so delicious!

Add chopped jalapenos to the dough before adding the cheddar cheese to give the bagels a kick. When you eat your homemade cheddar bagel later, you’ll get a burst of cheesy, spicy flavors in your mouth!

16. Pumpernickel Bagel

Pumpernickel is a German bread that is black and dense. Traditionally, coarsely ground rye and sourdough starter are used to make this bread. You might even find a loaf of pumpernickel bread produced with a blend of whole rye berries and rye flour these days.

The term “pumpernickel” comes from an old Bavarian adjective that approximately translates to “hard” in English.

The term “hard” refers to the bread’s solidity after it has been fully baked. It could also allude to the arduous and time-consuming process of turning the pumpernickel grain into flour.

Expect a very unusual yet unique flavor while eating it in a bagel. Pumpernickel gives a chewy and soft bagel a rich and distinct flavor. They’re really fantastic!

You can always play around with the fillings and toppings on these bagels. A Jewish-style pumpernickel bread recipe makes an excellent version of this bagel. The pleasant addition of chopped onions is featured in this dish. And, as previously stated, onions can and frequently do improve the flavor and richness of most dishes. This holds true for a pumpernickel bagel, as well as a variety of other dishes.

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After reading about the many various tasty bagel varieties available, do you want a nice, toasted bagel? We certainly are!